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topWith the end of another year fast approaching, I just want to say Thank You to each and every one of you. Whether you have been in once, or a hundred times, you have helped to make us the therapists we are today.
  Our massage techniques adjust and change with every person and every unique issue we work on, continually metamorphosing into something new and different for the next client.
  I wouldn't be the therapist I am today without you, and I am grateful for the opportunities you give me every day, to learn more.
Blessings, Sherry Larkin 
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 **Offers expire December 31st, 2011.

TeriTeri CommansCan versatility be a Massage Therapist's specialty?
Teri explains her new found approach to Massage Therapy

In a recent meeting with John and Sherry Larkin, my colleagues at Colorado Injury Care, Sherry asked me one simple question, what type of massage is your specialty?  To my surprise, I could not come up with one simple answer.  I have since given much thought to why that is.  Here is what I've realized.
My approach to therapeutic bodywork is that of integration and versatility, utilizing all of my training as needed per client. I could say I use deep tissue massage most often, but would no longer say it is my specialty.  Utilizing my hands on training, intuition, years of experience and communicating well with each client, is essential to figuring out the right type of treatment for them.   Therefore, being versatile for each client is my focus, perhaps you could say, my specialty.  Click to read more 

Why Does My Massage Therapist Ask For My Prescription Medications?  

  The better question might be, why don't they?

  When I was in massage school, we were taught absolutely nothing about prescription medications. We were told this was out of our scope of practice, and it was the exclusive domain of Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists to deal with.

  While that is true in terms of prescribing them, that has turned out not to be true in terms of how it can effect your massage experience, and your overall health.

  A recent experience with a client who was experiencing severe muscle spasms in the neck reminded me of just how important...(continue reading) 
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Holiday Gift Certificate Specials
Can Versatility be a Massage Therapist's Specialty?
Why Does My Massage Therapist Ask For My Prescription Medications?
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John's Corner  John

 Greeting for this holiday season. No matter your faith or celebratory custom I wish you well.  Winter is a time of reflection for me, and business wise it is the reconciling of the year end.  I have had a project in the back of my mind for quite some time and with the coming year it will require more of my time, so you might not find me as available as before.  As I get closer to the time of unveiling I think you will find the news exciting and in a way liberating for your spirit.  Til then Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Season's Greetings.