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Bookmobiles are mobile libraries that take books to neighborhoods that don't have a library to promote reading and provide access to books.  The genius is that the libraries aren't waiting for people to come to them.  They go where the need is greatest and drum up excitement by bringing books and resources right to your front door. 
You can do the same thing when it comes to promoting your company and brand.  Think of it as the "Brandmobile."  Many professionals work to get into magazines with interviews and articles, then sit back and wait for business to happen.  You can take your business directly to your prospects through social media and newsletters:  
  • "Tweet" about an article you recently had published
  • Send updates to your Facebook friends and LinkedIn Connections
  • Mention recent interviews in your newsletter or blog
  • Update the news section of your website
In other words, drive the Brandmobile where you want it to go to create new opportunities for your business.  Be sure to include a link to the article or interview so your audience can easily find you.  The best part about social media is that this type of promotion is free!
Empower yourself ... don't wait for someone else to do it for you.   
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