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We live in a connected world. Thanks to cell phones and wireless internet, all of the information on the Internet is never more than a click away. That's precisely why having a website is more important than ever before for creative, artistic professionals like interior designers.
Those of us who pride ourselves on our ability to create and nurture relationships to build business may cringe at the impersonal nature of the web. But look again.  What may seem impersonal at first glance is actually the most revolutionary tool to connect conversations, ideas and solution providers in the history of the world.  Here are five ways to make the most of a website for your company:   
  • Expand on your portfolio without high printing costs
  • Make a personal statement with audio, video and motion
  • Become more than just a pretty room
  • Stand out as a thought leader
  • Offer options and added benefits to your clients
It's more affordable than ever to work with a web designer and create a site that is a great sales tool and a customized showcase of your work. There's really no excuse in today's competitive business environment not to have a web site. Add a web site to your marketing and expand your outreach overnight.
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