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No matter who you are, your brand reputation arrives before you do. You either have a personal brand identity that people are aware of, or they draw a blank. That's why, whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional or a company executive, you need to hop on the self-branding express.
Here are four branding principles from Catherine Kaputa's new book, The Female Brand: Using the Female Mindset for Business Success, that women (and men) can use to brand themselves for success:  

  • There is no "and" in brand: Keep your brand focused around a simple idea, so that when people think of you they think of "X.
  • Viva la difference: The cardinal rule of branding is to be different. Being just like everyone else will stunt your growth.
  • Take charge of your brand. If you don't brand yourself, someone else will ... and they won't brand you in the way you want to be branded.
  • Create a "brand experience." Today, marketers are involved in experience design so there is a branded interaction at every touch point with the brand. You should do the same.
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Click here to read an excerpt from"The Female Brand."
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