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Making a successful pitch or presentation begins long before you set foot in the prospect's office. How well you prepare has a direct-and essential-impact on the odds of your success. Preparation is much more than having slick copies of your proposal or a knock-out slide presentation. Research, competitive intelligence and minding the details make the difference between success and failure.  Below are a few tips on how to do your homework before the all important meeting: 
  • Check out the prospect's web site in detail, and do an online search to find out the latest news about their company and industry. 
  • Google the person you're meeting with - and the company executives, for that matter.  Don't overlook social networking sites.
  • Ask business friends and colleagues what they've heard about the company, the industry and the individual prospect.
  • Make sure you have good directions to your meeting place, and drive it in advance if you're uncertain.
No preparation is ever wasted.  Often, in the process of preparing for one opportunity, others appear.  You'll never be embarrassed by being overprepared!  
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