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What would you change in your life or business if you had no fear?  Fear is usually caused by a lack of knowledge.  Confidence and knowledge banish fear.  As a coach, I find a lot of people holding back out of fear.  The truth is, they usually have all the tools they need to succeed-they just need someone to help with the confidence.  That's where brainstorming comes in. When I brainstorm with someone,  I help my clients "try on" a new job, or a new personal image.  There are no barriers, just possibilities.


I see my clients differently than they see themselves, and I see them as infinitely more talented. I encourage clients to reach way out of their comfort zone and reinvent themselves, using the strengths and skills that they already have. I am amazed at the talent people don't think is unique or valuable. Clients focus on what they aren't doing and or wish they could do.  That's why I encourage a skills assessment.


Bouncing ideas off a supportive coach helps put fear in perspective and provides the confidence needed to tackle new goals.  Brainstorming is a fantastic tool for entrepreneurs and professionals who feel stuck in a rut.  There's no risk, and the possibilities are endless.  Try the magic of brainstorming and feel the energy sizzle!


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