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Because laser coaching only takes from one to three sessions, it's quick, affordable and easy to fit into a busy schedule.  Here are five ways I use laser coaching to help my clients succeed with a career transition:
Image awareness.  It's difficult to get unbiased advice from friends, partners or colleagues.
Personal branding tips.  You are now your own brand.  A laser coaching session can help you pull the pieces together.
Reframe to find options.  A laser success coach can help you get a fresh new perspective on whatever obstacle is getting you down. 
See yourself in a new light.  In one laser coaching session, a success coach can help you see what's been in front of you all along.
Recognize your wins.  Laser coaching can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and burned out when the process to get from here to there takes longer than you expected.
You'll be amazed what you and your success coach can achieve in just one hour when you have laser focus!
~Faith Monson
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