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You're only as big as your dreams.  As a success consultant, I'm convinced that small dreams cause more businesses to stop growing than any economic or financial problem.  Success is a way of life-and a way of thinking.  Are your dreams opening doors for your business, or slamming them shut?

I'm amazed at how many business owners I meet who had the vision to begin their companies, but have now become afraid to dream.  They're afraid to open the door to new possibilities because they aren't certain what awaits on the other side.  They've become afraid to take chances, even when the odds are on their side.

Here are three ways to rediscover your dreams and harness their energy for more successful marketing:
Tip #1:  Don't be afraid to say your dreams out loud.
Tip #2:  Surround yourself by dream-friendly people. 
Tip #3:  Know when to ask for help building your dream.  
What doors are you dreaming to open?  Successful marketing is key to making your business dreams come true.
~Faith Monson
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