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EarthBox Education:
Vestal Nursing Home
Grows Its Own Vegetables
This is the second year that the residents of Vestal Nursing Home in Vestal, New York have planted and harvested their own vegetables in EarthBoxes. The outcome has been remarkable for the residents and visitors alike. 

vestal home

The EarthBox story began last year with a gentleman named Albert, a former farmer, who decided to plant corn in one of the boxes. Each day Albert would travel in his wheelchair out to his EarthBoxes, to monitor, tend, and measure the progress of his corn. According to his social worker, Pat, sometimes he would sit next to the Earthboxes for hours, perhaps reminiscing about his more active days on the farm. 

vestal home
Albert, the first EarthBox grower at  Vestal Nursing Home.

Albert's enthusiasm soon sparked the interest of other residents, who began planting in EarthBoxes and started calling themselves the "Victory Garden Club." Harvested produce from the boxes was shared, used by the chefs, and sold to visitors.

During 2008, Albert, Pat, and  eight Victory Club Garden growers presented the United Way of Broome County (Binghamton, NY) with a gift of $200, raised from selling the produce Farmer's Market style. It was matched by Vestal's resident council.

Albert continued growing his corn, and other residents organized a corn party for center staff and members. One woman, following on Old World Italian tradition, showed her colleagues how to fry zucchini petals, which were sold for twenty five cents each as a means of adding funds to the total donation. This delicacy was enjoyed by many individuals at the center, and taught them something about Italian cuisine. 

This year, United Way was presented with checks from the harvest totalling $400, which will be used by their local Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW) organization. This has become known as Vestal's "Grow Broome" program.

"The Grow Broome program at the Vestal Nursing Home has made a marked difference in the lives of the members of the Victory Garden Club," notes Steve White, Chairman of the program. "The individuals seem to be more vibrant, mentally and physically, through their ownership in the venture. Grow Broome has truly
contributed to the quality of life for our garden club members and the residents." 

If you'd like to work with the United Way or a senior facility in your home town, contact your local United Way or community education or outreach program.
Holiday Special!
This month we're offering 50% off all shipping charges for orders sent through December 31; just be sure to order no later than December 17 for Christmas delivery. And keep an eye on the Special Holiday Packages section of our website over the next few weeks; we're putting together some great deals for you!
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Want to win an EarthBox gift certificate? Just send us your best EarthBox-related recipe, article, or photo, and you might find yourself a winner. 
Here are the categories we'd like you to shoot for: 
  • A helpful story that provides EarthBox owners with information
  • A story on your most successful crop
  • A photo illustrating a successful EarthBox crop
  • Your greatest number of EarthBoxes in use at once
  • Your best disaster story, so everyone can learn from your mistakes
  • Your quickest recipe using an EarthBox harvest
  • Your spiciest recipe using an EarthBox harvest
  • Articles on non-traditional uses of the EarthBox

Your entry should be brief and to the point. We'll pick a new winner every month, and we'll post each winner in an upcoming issue.

Send your contest entries to, with the word "contest" in the subject line, and we'll take a look!

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As 2009 winds down, we're looking forward to another year of successful growing -- and we're sure you are, too!
In this last issue of the year, we've decided to do something special. You'll notice that we're not including all our usual sections, because we needed to make room for all the photos! You see, we're going to be printing a brand new 2010 mail order catalog soon, and we wanted all-new customer pictures to be printed in it, so we ran a contest. Customers were invited to submit pictures of their EarthBox gardens, along with anecdotes.
The 24 pictures we've included in the next section will be printed in the new catalog, and the winners will be receiving their $50 EarthBox gift certificates in the mail shortly. Congrats, everyone!

Oh, and by the way: this month, we're offering 50% off the shipping charges for anything sent through December 31. If you need something before Christmas, just be sure to order by December 17.
Happy Holidays! 
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Frank DiPaolo
logo small Photo Contest Winners 

We're proud to present the 24 winning photos that will be used in our 2010 mail order catolog, complete with commentary!

That's Jessica B. on the left, and Jeff E. on the right. Says Jessica, "I went on vacation for a week and this is what happened!"

On the left we see Margaret C., checking out her peppers; Jim F. stands in his EarthBox garden on the right. Jim tells us, "I'm not complaining about having to tend my nine foot tomatoes with a step ladder!"

"Our 7 year old grandson, Blake, loves to water our EarthBoxes and harvest their bounty,"
Dennis and Linda W. report. "We now have 13 boxes and have been EarthBoxing for 10 years!" That's Blake on the left. On the right is Louis B. and his own little helper.

Francis K.C. recently enjoyed a fantastic tomato crop, as you can see from both of these photos.

vestal home  vestal home
Those beautiful tomato plants on the left are Linda E.'s. And speaking of tomatoes, Mike D. sent us a picture of his heirloom crop. "It's a challenge to grow here in the desert," he says, "but we did manage some good results. Great product guys! Keep up the good work!"

CONTEST 23  vestal home
Robert A. poses with part of his crop of "one hundred pounds of healthy tomatoes!" The lovely photo on the right comes to us from Cheryl S.

CONTEST 22  vestal home
Both these photos, from Milton B. (left) and Bryan W., are excellent illustrations of just how adaptable EarthBoxes are. Says Bryan, "I have a 10 EarthBox garden. So far this season I have grown tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, squash, herbs, and flowers!"

vestal home  vestal home
On the left we have Darlene W.'s neat EarthBox garden, and on the right Kathryn M. shows off her eggplant. Kathryn tells us, "Our delicious eggplant kept growing throughout the season, had no disease or blight (even in 2009's wet summer), and we had enough to pass around to friends and family."

 vestal home  vestal home
Meet Beth S. (left) and Betsey G., with their respective EarthBox crops. "We decided to buy an EarthBox to grow some tomatoes on the deck of our office," Beth says. "We're still growing and have more tomatoes than all the employees can eat. It's just amazing!"

vestal home  vestal home
Annie K. (left) and Anita C. submitted these pictures. Here's what Annie had to say: "Last year was the first time I tried an EarthBox. I am hooked! I told my friend, she ordered three, and just picked her 120th tomato this year. I love my EarthBoxes!"

CONTEST 6  vestal home
As you can seen, Blaine B. (left) and Carolyn D. had very similar setups for their EarthBox gardens. "The Roma tomatoes are producing so fast they needed extra string for support," Carolyn reports. "Great EarthBoxes!"

vestal home  vestal home
Peppers, anyone? That's what John S. (right) grew in his EarthBox this year. On the left is Al S., with his corn. "Your EarthBoxes have done an excellent job. I can't believe that I was able to grow corn. And to think my neighbors said I was wasting my time. Boy, have they changed their minds!"
Retailer of the Month
Panhandle Greenhouses
Every month we highlight one of our valued partners, so you can learn more about them and their products. This month, we salute Panhandle Greenhouses in Amarillo, Texas. 

Panhandle GreenhouseThis family-owned and operated nursery was established in 1991 to provide locally grown plants to the Panhandle community. This goal has been met and surpassed, as they grow almost all seasonal plants in their own greenhouses. Panhandle also offers a complete line of lawn and garden supplies, pond items and equipment, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bedding plants and hanging baskets.
Customer service is a priority at Panhandle. Specially designed lawn care programs, a customer rewards plan, online weekly newsletters, and a Saturday morning Panhandle radio show are just some of the ways gardeners are supported in their efforts.   
Stop by and visit Panhandle Greenhouses, and see firsthand how this family-owned business can assist you with your gardening plans! They're open Monday through Saturday.

11900 South Washington Street
Amarillo, Texas 

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