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EarthBox in Our Communities:
EarthBox Film at the
Greenbuild Film Festival

Film producer Brian Lynch's piece on EarthBoxes, entitled Brick City Urban Farms, was one of several films chosen to air at the recent Greenbuild Film Festival.

Mr. Lynch shared the honor with actors Darryl Hannah and Cameron Diaz, who were featured in other films at the festival. This event was part of the Greenbuild Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona in early November, which also included workshops, presentations and keynote speakers, including former Vice President Al Gore.

brick city still

Brick City Urban Farms tells the story of how co-founders John Taylor and Lorraine Gibbons joined forces in 2008 to bring fresh produce to the "food desert" of Newark, New Jersey. The challenge was to find a place to plant, as the soil was contaminated with heavy metals. The solution was to grow the crops above ground in EarthBoxes, which would result in double yields while using half the water of conventional growing.

Taylor and Gibbons turned an abandoned inner city lot and rooftop into a Mecca of fresh fruits and vegetables. The first year, they sold bags of produce for a minimal charge, in order to celebrate the first harvest and to generate awareness. This year, they began selling more produce, in addition to growing food at local schools, distributing to a food bank, to soup kitchens and even to a restaurant in Manhattan!

The interest in helping to nurture this urban farm spread quickly. Neighborhood children and even their grandparents began to help with planting, watering, and harvesting. A nearby high school established a community service program at the farm; in addition, green jobs and educational and job training opportunities sprouted and thrived.

For Brian Lynch, this was a very meaningful experience. "This might be my favorite film I've done for EarthBox," he notes. "The sheer number of people who wanted to talk to me on camera about the project was a testament to how many lives the farm touches and impacts in a positive manner."

For more information on this community project, click here. 

Christmas Special!

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With a little help from her friends,
Beth Eastman -- an instructor at Project MORE, an Alternative Education School in Tucson, Arizona -- will expand her garden into a rainwater-to-food program by using rainwater to fill her EarthBox reservoirs.  Since water is at a premium in the Southwest, rainwater collection takes on a whole new meaning with this project!


The traveling EarthBox, recently planted with Chinese Cabbage, made a stop at Project MORE to show Beth the science behind the EarthBox and the potential to grow healthy produce, a healthy environment, and healthy children.

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The Coalition for Science After School has  partnered with Time Warner Cable to create this on-line
national directory, and participation is free. Time Warner Cable, to support children and families, will promote STEM with Public Service Announcements throughout a five-year campaign. EarthBox Education wants to collectively upload information to the site.  To do this, we need to hear from you.

Please email your contact information and program description to for loading. When the information is uploaded, you will receive an email with a login and password information, and you're in! 


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Today more than ever, it's important to make healthy food choices, as our decisions affect the health of both our children and the planet. 
On the human scale, studies have repeatedly
proven that poor eating habits can lead to obesity, joint pain, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and much more.
Meanwhile, the demand for food often results in unsustainable agriculture practices, causing deforestation, overgrazing, erosion, pollution, poor soil conditions, and loss of biodiversity.
EarthBox Education combats both the current obesity epidemic and the negative effects of unsustainable agriculture. Almost any child can grow healthy produce in the easy-to-use, sustainable EarthBox, learning about nutrition and, in the process, coming to understand the science behind the plants that make us healthy.
As we approach the holidays and consider goals for next year, let's grow into a healthier America! Support a healthier lifestyle by providing EarthBox Education to our children in our homes, schools and communities.
mr peaWe particularly want to introduce you to our holiday special called The Snow Pea Activity Gift Kit, written to introduce youths from 5-11 years of age to horticulture and nutrition as fun. Click here for more information!
In addition, here's a little holiday gift for you: For all orders shipped between now and December 31, 2009, you'll receive 50% off on shipping charges.

Happy Holidays!
Ag in the Classroom
Molly Philbin
Education Director
EarthBox, Inc.
EarthBox in Our Schools
Museum's Smart Home Garden Receives Mayor Daley's Landscape Award

The vegetable garden outside the Museum of Science and Industry's "Smart Home: Green + Wired" exhibit in Chicago has been awarded first place in the Public Institutions category of the 2009 Mayor Daley's Landscape Awards! This annual award recognizes the thousands of Chicagoans who help make the city green through their environmental beautification efforts, including vegetable gardens, native plants, rain gardens, and a bioswale.

Bret Harte students harvesting potatoesMaster gardeners and fifth graders from Bret Harte Elementary School in Hyde Park planted seeds on Earth Day, and harvested potatoes, lettuce, peppers, herbs, tomatoes and other crops throughout the year. The vegetables were grown in EarthBoxes that we donated.

Students made their last visit to the garden on Halloween to harvest their pumpkins, and to finish the nature journals where they tracked plant growth and recorded observations. Over the past six months, students watered, weeded and composted their vegetables, learned about plants and insects on nature walks, and raised monarch butterflies. They built bird houses in the summer and made 13 scarecrows that decorated the garden this fall. Some students became junior docents, and talked with Museum guests about worm composting.

"Smart Home: Green + Wired", Powered by ComEd, allows guests to tour the "Greenest Home in Chicago" -- a real, functioning three-story, modular and sustainable "green" home that highlights unique eco-friendly technologies for the 21st century. The exhibit runs through January 3, 2010. "Smart Home: Green + Wired" is proudly sponsored by ComEd, Dominick's and the Motorola Foundation. For more information, visit the Museum's Web site at or call (773) 684-1414.

EarthBox Around the World 
EarthBox in South Africa

south africaThe Growing Connection (TGC) recently partnered with Operation Lionheart and the Open Society Institute to launch four new EarthBox vegetable gardens and a demonstration and research site in South Africa.  

Each garden site of 500 boxes is linked to larger hospital gardens, where on-going EarthBox trials have taken place over the last few years. All four sites are located in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province on the country's east coast. Two garden sites, Ekupeleni Center-Siyanbona and Mother of Peace Community, will work with McCord Hospital in Durban and two others, Imbali J and Sweetwaters, with Edendale Hospital in Pietermaritzburg.  

The program was sponsored by a grant from the Open Society Institute with an additional contribution by the Mary Slack and Daughters Trust. Thanks to the ongoing support of Operation Lionheart, personnel at each site receive horticultural training and are now growing a wide variety of vegetables, including spinach, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and beans. Because of the size of the gardens, there is great potential for this program to play an important role in the health and well-being of their respective communities.

The Mother of Peace Community garden, for example, will benefit the orphaned and vulnerable children the organization serves, and produce from the Sweetwaters garden will be used to improve the nutritional status of HIV-positive patients attending its health centers. TGC looks forward to following the progress of these gardens, and you can too through TGC Blog.

Fresh From the Forum 
Holy Comforter EarthBox Project

holy comfort Students from Kindergarten through Grade 5 at Holy Comforter School in Tallahassee, Florida recently embarked on an EarthBox project. To learn more and see photos of the "fruits" of their labor, click here.

Funding Opportunities
Sprint Character Education
Grant Program

Students who plant EarthBox Gardens take on a leadership role by advancing sustainable agriculture. They can volunteer to grow the crops for a food pantry, for example, or even build school pride by growing and displaying crops which reproduce their school colors!  

One way they can fund such activities is by applying to the Sprint Character Education Grant Program.  This program awards grants of up to $5,000 for schools and $25,000 for districts, to facilitate the development and maintenance of curricula-driven programs designed to promote leadership, character education, volunteerism, and school pride among K-12 students. 

You can apply online at their website. The application period is January 4-February 5, 2010.
EarthBox and the NSTA

Attendees of a recent regional conference of the National Science Teachers of America were invited by the organizers to visit an outstanding EarthBox garden as part of a tour of the Miami Country Day School Environmental Program. There they experienced firsthand just how easy it is to grow fresh produce in the sustainable EarthBox!

About EarthBox 
The patented EarthBox was developed by commercial farmers, and proven in the lab and on the farm. Our maintenance-free, award-winning, high-tech growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden -- with less fertilizer, less water and virtually no effort. It's used successfully on a daily basis by commercial farmers, educators, and consumers. Distributors are also finding it to be a popular growing system.
EarthBox is a remarkably easy-to-set-up system that can be used to grow produce virtually anywhere. Our systems have been incorporated into community gardens all over the world, enabling families and neighbors to share fresh produce, while minimizing work and expenses.
EarthBoxes also make excellent additions to the classroom. Our Pre-K through 12th grade standards-based curriculum support packages can bring science to life, with hands-on lessons that teach principles of growing and nutrition utilizing the scientific method in student-driven experiments.

To find out more about EarthBox's education programs, visit

Here's a list of websites to assist you in obtaining catalogs and getting more information about EarthBox in your classroom.  

(Catalogs: Life Science, Environmental)

Fisher Science Education
(Catalogs: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College Science)
(Catalogs: Elementary Math/Science, Summit, Science, Senior Activities)
(Catalog: S&S Worldwide) COMING IN 2010
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