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Announcing our 2008 Youth Educational Garden Giveaway!

child watering corn

Any school or educational facility that uses the EarthBox and/or any of its curricula or guides qualifies to win an EarthBox garden package to enhance their current EarthBox garden, or an EarthBox gift certificate worth up to $370!

To enter the giveaway, just follow these rules:

1. Prepare an essay of 150 words or less explaining your program history, the unique way you use the EarthBox as a learning tool, or how your class uses the fresh produce from your EarthBox garden. Please describe the impact or effectiveness your EarthBox project has on your organization or community. Include the creative ways you've taught your students about respect, following instructions, nutrition, science, marketing, horticulture, data collection, or other lessons included in our garden guide or curricula.

2. Include 2 digital images with your 150-word essay. To submit your entry, go to the main page of the Forum, and scroll down to "Youth Programs" in the Educational section.
3. Submissions must be posted by June 1, 2008.
4. There will be one winner, who will be chosen  based on these five criteria:
  • 150-word essay
  • Digital images
  • The unique way the EarthBox is being used
  • Effectiveness and/or impact on the organization or community
  • Creativity in teaching the students using it

ready to grow

 Ready to Grow EarthBox Kit

The winner will receive a Garden Package D, which includes six Ready to Grow Kits (winner's choice of color), and a Youth Garden Guide from our Educational Product Guide. The winner may substitute the Garden Package for an EarthBox gift certificate worth up to $370, to be used for any EarthBox product including the automated watering system, replant kits or staking systems. For more details, visit our website.


We look forward to hearing your stories!

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Spring has arrived for most of us, so it's time to get your EarthBoxes ready for the growing season. In this issue of "Inside the Box," I'll tell you how to do just that.

The process is fairly straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Remove the old cover.
  • Scoop out the old, leftover fertilizer.
  • Loosen the soil. You might need to top off the EarthBox with potting mix. Remember, use potting mix, not potting soil!
  • Make sure the potting mix is moist throughout.
  • Decide what to plant. Check our planning chart, which also includes information on fertilizer and plant placement. If you choose vines or tall plants, they'll need staking support. Our staking system is the perfect solution for these plants.
  • If you're planting peppers or tomatoes, add two cups of dolomite or hydrated lime to the potting mix before each planting. Spread it across the top of the mix.
  • Apply a new fertilizer strip, if you didn't buy a new planting kit. The planning chart will show you where to put the fertilizer.
  • Put a new cover on. Keep the black side up, except in desert climates and Florida in the summer; in those cases, put it white side up.
  • Fill the water reservoir. If you want your EarthBox to be self-sufficient, consider purchasing an automated watering system.

Always remember to do the following things:

  • Keep the cover over the potting mix and fertilizer.
  • Keep the water reservoir full.
  • Put the fertilizer on top of potting mix, and use dry fertilizers only; DO NOT use water-soluble fertilizers.

Happy and healthy harvests to you!



Frank DiPaolo
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Fresh from the Forum 
Are You Ready for Spring?
Would you like a great tip for elevating your EarthBox so water and debris don't build up underneath the container? Just visit our Forum. Check out Questions and Answers and click on "Raise EarthBox Up Off the Ground," or on "Terra Cotta Feet" under Tips and Tricks.
Retailer of the Month 
Green Thumb Super Garden Center

We have a wonderful cross-section of authorized EarthBox Gardening System retailers around the country. Every month, we'll highlight one of our valued partners, so you can learn more about them and the EarthBox products they carry. 

This month, we salute Green Thumb Super Garden Center, a premier Southern California nursery located in San Marcos, the heart of north San Diego County. With over four acres of quality plants from growers all over the West Coast, they have many hard-to-find plants as well as the newest introductions. Green Thumb also offers an incredible gift shop, a large selection of garden art, and an unsurpassed array of fountains. A patio showroom features all the newest collections available. They can even special order from dozens of fabrics to customize your outdoor garden room.  Visit Green Thumb at 1019 San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, California. (760)744-3822, or on the web at
From Our Customers 
Peppers Galore

"This is a photo of one of my pepper EarthBoxes; notice the huge quantity of green peppers visible.

pepper plants

I hadn't harvested for 7 days, but from only two of my three pepper EBs (the other is just about to have ripe peppers), I've harvested 20 peppers totaling 7 pounds, 1 ounce.  That's just for one week!  At our current local supermarket prices for reds and yellows, that's $21 worth of peppers.  Now I have a lot of eating to do!"

Northeast Pennsylvania
About EarthBox 

The patented EarthBox was developed by commercial farmers, and proven in the lab and on the farm. Our maintenance-free, award-winning, high-tech growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden -- with less fertilizer, less water and virtually no effort. To find out more, visit

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