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June 26, 2012
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BCC OK's Amendments to Fire and Firework Bans
Land Use Items

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BCC OK's Amendments to Fire and Firework Bans Policy

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved amendments to the county's policy 3.6.2. The changes allow the BCC and or the Sheriff to have the authority to declare a ban on open fires and or use, sale or possession of fireworks in unincorporated Jefferson County when necessary to protect public health, safety and welfare of Jefferson County citizens by reducing the danger of wildfires.


The Sheriff's Office has the authority and discretion to change the ban to fit the current conditions and it is subject to change at any time.


Effective June 26, 2012 at 5 p.m., unincorporated Jefferson County entered a county-wide fire ban due to the increase in fire hazard conditions. 


Pursuant to the ordinance, the sale, use, or possession of fireworks in all of unincorporated Jefferson County is banned, including all federal lands. Violations of this fireworks ban shall be a class 2 petty offense and the penalty for a violation of this ordinance shall be a fine of not more than $600 for each separate violation.


What is allowed in a fire ban?

  • Only devices that are liquid fueled or gas fueled are allowed. Simply put, gas grills, gas fire pits, gas stoves, and gas lanterns are allowed. The rule of thumb is whether or not the fire can be "turned off," rather than "put out."
  • Charcoal grills are permitted at private residences only that are east of C470, east of Highway 93, and east and north of the intersection of C470 and Wadsworth Blvd.

What is not allowed in a fire ban?

  • Charcoal grills are not permitted anywhere, including private residences, west of C470, west of Highway 93, and west and south of the intersection of C470 and Wadsworth Blvd.
  • Anything which produces an open flame which is not liquid fueled or gas fueled. This includes tiki torches, fire pits, and chimineas'. This includes private residences.
  • The use of any fireworks.
  • Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, or while stopped in an area of at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all combustible material.
  • Using any fire to burn trash, debris, fence rows or vegetation, or any campfire.
  • Operating a chain saw without a USDA or SAE approved spark arresting device properly installed and in effective working order, and having a chemical pressurized fire extinguisher of not less than eight ounces capacity by weight, and possessing one large size pointed shovel with an overall length of at least thirty-six inches.  The extinguisher shall be with the chain saw operator.  The shovel may be kept with the fueling supplies, but readily available for quick use.

NOTE:  The Sheriff's Office will strictly enforce a zero tolerance policy on all fireworks violations in the fire ban area.

Land Use Items

At the June 26 hearing the BCC approved two land use cases on the regular agenda.


The first case was to rezone a 2.38 acre parcel from Agricultural-Two (A-2) to Suburban Residential-One (SR-1). The rezoning will allow the land owner to subdivide the property into two residential lots. There is currently a single family dwelling on the parcel, which is located west of Easley Road and Easley Way and is on the east side of North Table Mountain. Staff found that the proposal is in general compliance with the county's Comprehensive Master Plan and it was also recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. The BCC approved this case 2-1, with Commissioners Donald Rosier and John Odom casting the yes votes.


The second case was the Keller Farm Official Development Plan. The commissioners approved, 3-0, to rezone the 1,237 acre parcel from A-2 and Planned Development (PD) to just PD. This will allow a mixed use community with residential, commercial, industrial and private open space uses. The property is located west of State Highway 93 between and in the vicinity of West 58th Avenue and West 64th Avenue.


Currently the site is used for ranching and mining of asphalt and concrete construction materials. The rezoning will allow these uses to continue and the owners to transition the property into the mixed use community. This item was also found to be in general conformance with the Comprehensive Master Plan and it was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. The final layout of the mixed use community will be considered in the future. The applicant will need to continue through the planning process, which include plat reviews and approvals.

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