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May 29 & June 12, 2012
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Board Appointments
Hearing set for June 26 on Proposed Open Fire and Firework Ban Ordinance
County Receives VALE Grant
Green Gables ODP Given the OK
Means Ranch OPD Approved
Amendments Approved to Zoning Resolution
What's New in Development and Transportation

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Board Appointments to Library Board  

The BCC, at its May 29 hearing, appointed John Bodnar and Julia Hill-Nicholas as members to the Library Board of Trustees.


The Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees is a governing board serving the citizens of Jefferson County. The board establishes governing policies, employs the executive director, recommends the budget and dispenses funds, acquires and oversees libraries and library assets, and participates in strategic planning and library advocacy.




Hearing set for June 26 on Proposed Open Fire and Firework Ban Ordinance

At the June 12 hearing, the BCC heard the first reading of an amendment to the county's Fire Ban Ordinance to allow the county to also ban or restrict the sale and use of fireworks. The purpose of the first reading is to give notice for a public hearing on the proposed policy. The BCC will consider the item at its June 26 hearing at 8 a.m., which is open to the public and testimony will be taken.

County Receives VALE Grant

The Sheriff's Office has received a $54,000 grant from the Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (VALE) Board that will help cover the costs of a Victims Service Advocate position. The BCC approved the terms of the contract to accept the grant at its June 12 hearing.


The VALE Board grants assist the Sheriff's Office in providing expertise and skill in law enforcement victim assistance including on-scene crisis intervention, follow-up contact and information or referrals. The program provides 24-hour access to trained professionals to assist victims and witnesses of crime and trauma in obtaining the support and education necessary to overcome their victimization. Under Colorado State Statures Victim's Bills of Rights, the Sheriff is required to provide these services.


The VALE grant will cover about 76 percent of one full-time position (FTE) and the remaining costs for this FTE will be covered from county funds. The VALE grant covers about 14 percent of the Victim Services Unit budget. The remaining costs will be covered by county funding and other grant funding.

Green Gables ODP Given the OK

The BCC approved the Green Gables Official Development Plan, which will rezone the property from Agricultural-Two (A-2) to Planned Development (PD) to allow for commercial and residential uses.


The property is located at the southeast corner of Wadsworth Boulevard and Jewell Avenue. It is 152.36 acres and has been the location of the Green Gables Country Club since the 1920s. Along with the club house it includes an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a boat house and a small portion of Ward Lake, which is a large private lake and reservoir.


The current owners of the property have expressed a desire to redevelop the site with mixed use containing both commercial, such as restaurants and retail shopping, and residential including single family homes and multifamily units. The applicant also said the development would be pedestrian-oriented with trails and open space.

Means Ranch ODP Approved

The BCC approved the Means Ranch Amendment No. 3 Official Development Plan at its June 12 hearing. The purpose was to rezone the property to allow a single retail tenant of up to 63,000 square feet and an 18,000 square foot outdoor sales and storage area.


The property is located at the northwest corner of Evergreen Parkway and Stagecoach Boulevard. It previously had an Albertson's grocery story, which vacated the site in October 2009. The owner of the property has a potential tenant, a tractor supply/equipment store, interested in leasing half of the previous Albertsons' building.


Staff found that the proposal was in general conformance with the Comprehensive Master Plan and the Evergreen Area Community Plan; and the Planning Commission recommended approval. The approved rezoning will now allow a tenant, such as tractor supply store, to occupy the space.  

Amendments Approved to Zoning Resolution 

pz_logoThe BCC approved amendments to section 46 of the county's Zoning Resolution. This section is about the Industrial-Three (I-3) zone districts, which are areas that are zoned for light industrial development.


County Planning staff has received multiple requests from prospective business owners and tenants to allow craft breweries, wineries, distilleries and sports training facilities in the I-3 zone district. Previously, production of craft beverages was restricted to the Industrial-Two (I-2) zone district and indoor recreation and sport training facilities permitted in Commercial-One (C-1) zone district or as a special use in other zone districts.


Inclusion of these uses in I-3 zone district will provide an area for them away from the heavy industrial zone districts and encourage more business in Jefferson County.

What's New in Development and Transportation

Road projects, building inspections, streamlining services, and much more has been the name of the game for Development and Transportation. Director Jeanie Rossillon, along with her division directors, updated the commissioners at staff briefings about the latest happenings in their department.


Transportation and Engineering - Director Kevin French

Transportation and Engineering has been working on improvements to Moss Street, which is almost complete. The division is rehabilitating Myers Gulch Bridge and construction will start in June. Another big project has been the work on Quincy Avenue. Improvements at Quincy and Kipling Street are almost complete and work is beginning from Simms Street to Kipling.


Road and Bridge - Director Larry Benshoof

Road and Bridge purchased a new rotomill machine that will pay for itself in three years due to increased productivity. A rotomill is a machine that grinds a layer of pavement off to get the road ready for a new layer of asphalt. The removed asphalt is recycled for other roadway surfacing projects. The division also has several projects going on including shoulder widening at 60th Avenue, repaving the parking lot at Reynolds Ranch Park, and parking lot improvements at the Sheriff's Evergreen Substation. Road and Bridge has been improving communications with citizens. It posts weekly maps online showing where crews will be paving.


Building Safety - Director Becky Baker

The Building Safety Division had an increase in the number of inspections. There have been all sorts of construction projects from roofing to mechanical and electrical work. New technology now enables inspectors to upload results immediately giving homeowners and contractors fast results, allowing the jobs to move forward in a more timely manner.


Planning and Zoning - Director John Wolforth

Planning and Zoning has seen an increase of three percent in activity coming into the office compared to this time in 2011. The division worked with the BCC and the city of Westminster to dissolve the Northeast Comprehensive Development Plan, which was not a guiding document like other county plans and no longer necessary. Planning and Zoning is also finding ways to make information more readily available to the public and now posts pre-applications, development review cases and planning commission agenda packets online.


Airport- Director Kenneth Maenpa

The Rocky Mountain Metropolitan AirplaneAirport saw the demolition of its old tower and the opening of a new tower, which is 125 feet tall and has improved the air traffic controllers' line-of-sight. Crews at the airport won the Balchen Post Award for outstanding snow and ice control. The airport also has acquired a few new tenants such as Independence Aviations, Executive Air West and Upwind Pilot Shop.


To learn more about Development and Transportation, please visit www.jeffco.us/devtrans.

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