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May 15 & 22, 2012
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May 15 BCC Action Items
Special Use Denied
Jeffco Employees Giving Back

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May 15 BCC Action Items

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved a contract with APC Construction Co., LLC for $1 million for asphalt overlay services. The Road and Bridge Division's Overlay Program improves the condition of road segments comprised of old and distressed asphalt pavement. The use of asphalt overlays, complemented with other maintenance strategies, extends the life of the pavement, which reduces future maintenance costs. Contracted asphalt overlay services supplement the county's program without having to increase fleet equipment and employees. This is part of the 2012 approved budget.


AirplaneThe BCC approved an amendment to the Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grant (CDAG) from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) - Aeronautics Division in the amount of $236,111 for 2012 projects at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. A grant was awarded to the airport on Jan. 31, 2012 from CDOT Aeronautics for $1,337,500 to fund the 2012 airport projects at a 2.5 percent state match and a 2.5 percent local match. However, due to a decrease in federal participation, the CDOT Aeronautics grant has been amended to meet the five percent match, with the local share also at five percent. The grant is being used for land acquisition and utility work for the Runway Safety Area Enhancement Project and airfield pavement maintenance.

Special Use Denied

The BCC unanimously denied case 11-113350SU, Pleasant Park Road Type II Recycling Transfer Station, citing that this use was not compatible with surrounding land uses.


The applicant had requested a Special Use for a Type II Recycling Transfer Station for slash such as trees and brush. The site is located in the Pleasant Park and US 285 area and is zoned Agricultural-Two. The case was originally heard at the April 17 BCC hearing. At that time the BCC continued the case to May 8, to allow time for the applicant to complete a sensory impact study. It was continued again to the May 22 hearing where it was denied. 


The BCC instructed the County Attorney's Office to draft a resolution reflecting the reasons for the denial, which will be brought back before the board at its June 12 public hearing.

Jeffco Employees Giving Back

At the May 22 BCC hearing, the commissioners read a proclamation recognizing the 2012 Jefferson County Employee Food Drive that will be held June 1-18.


The food drive is a yearly event that is purposely held during the summer when contributions are typically lower at food banks. This year's donations will be given to the Jeffco Action Center, Arvada Food Bank and Evergreen Christian Outreach, which help thousands of needy families throughout the county each year.



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