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May 1, 2012
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Updates to County Policies
Contracts for Road Work
Rezoning from A-1 to Planned Development Approved...
May is Mental Health Month
Staff Briefings

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Updates to County Policies

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved updates and two new sections to the county's policies. The policies are adopted by the BCC and serve as rules and regulations to county departments on how to best serve the public. The policies cover things such as social media, the Planning Commission and animal control regulations. The following were the recent changes approved by the BCC:


Delegation of Authority: Part 2, Chapter 1, Section 2

Previously the BCC delegated authority to the Director of Human Services to enter into leases or rental agreements of six months or less in duration and not to exceed $100,000. This was changed to one year or less since rental agreements tend to be yearly. All lease amounts are determined and set at budget time, so this is just a delegation of authority to enter into a real estate transaction.


The second amendment was to change the name of a state agency that administers Impact Assistance Grants.


Historical Commission: Part 2, Chapter 2, Section 14

The Historical Commission was established in 1974 to promote the preservation and use of historical resources and historic sites through educational activities, publications and research projects. Until now this volunteer board did not have BCC governance in a policy format. This new policy outlines items such as membership and commission responsibilities.


CSU Extension Advisory Committee: Part 2, Chapter 2, Section 15

This is a new section and outlines the duties and responsibilities of the CSU Extension Advisory Committee that was formed in 1961 to advise CSU Extension staff on educational outreach in program areas such as horticulture, consumer/family, 4-H youth development and natural resources/environmental education.


Open Space Program Terms, Priorities, Use of Funds and Transfer of Property: Part 6, Chapter 4, Section 2

The change to this section will allow the county to deed or lease Open Space property to districts on a case-by-case basis. To date, properties have been deeded to cities and leased to park and recreation districts. 


Right-of-Way Use and Construction Permits and License Agreements: Part 8, Chapter 3, Section 1

The change to this section will allow the Director of Transportation and Engineering or the Director of Transportation and Development to waive permit fees, if necessary, for working in county right-of-way. This was brought forward following the Lower North Folk Fire, in which permit fees were waived to allow an expeditious restoration of the electricity to the residents impacted by the fire.

Contracts for Road Work

Road and Bridge PavingThe BCC approved a contract with Technology Constructors, Inc. for $283,445. This contract is for work to be completed on Myers Gulch Road over Bear Creek Bridge. The project will extend the life of the existing bridge by at least 20 years by removing the outer concrete girders and replacing them with wider "Twin T" girders. The bridge will be widened from 32 to 37 feet, which will allow for improved shoulders and safer bridge rails. Work is expected to begin in June. It is being paid for by the FASTER program in the Road & Bridge fund.


The BCC approved a contract amendment with W.L. Contractors, Inc. for $107,815. This is for additional traffic signal maintenance services and is being added to a contract that was previously approved. In 2011 additional projects were added to the original work schedule, which created the need for the extra services. Additional projects include Bowles/Grant Ranch pedestrian crossing improvements, Belleview/Alkire safety improvements, installation of overhead street lights and ongoing LED upgrades.

Rezoning from A-1 to Planned Development Approved

The BCC approved a rezoning from Agricultural One to Planned Development that will allow the applicant, Conifer Ridge Properties, LLC, to use its property for residential, commercial and community uses. The parcel is 25.65 acres and is located at the southeast corner of County Highway 73 and Barkley Road in Conifer.


The rezoning will allow up to 60 multifamily resident units, 40,000 square feet of commercial use (retail uses are limited to 25,000 feet), and either a 15,000 square foot library or a 4,000 square foot fire station. The applicant expressed a desire to also create a village center, a pedestrian connection across the Conifer Town Center Parkway overpass and trails; and will set aside land for open space.


Staff did find that the proposal is in general conformance with the Comprehensive Master Plan and the Conifer/285 Corridor Area Community Plan. Before any development occurs, the applicant will have to come back before the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners for plan approvals. These hearings are open to the public.


May is Mental Health Month

The BCC has proclaimed May as Mental Health Month in Jefferson County. Mental health disorders and mental health problems affect people of all ages, backgrounds, and at all stages of life.


The community mental health system is advancing an integrated health care approach by addressing mental health and substance abuse disorders together with physical health to realize better patient outcomes, reduced health care costs, and improved patient satisfaction.


Mental health problems are real and common, but it is important to remember that recovery is possible and with treatment, individuals with mental health problems can lead full and productive lives. Jefferson County's mental health providers are working to dispel the fears, myths and misunderstandings commonly associated with mental illness, and increase access to treatment and support services.

Staff Briefings
Bike/Pedestrian Plan
Biking AllowedThe commissioners heard the latest on the draft Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan brought forth by Jefferson County's Transportation and Engineering Division, and directed staff to send the draft to the Planning Commission on June 13 for consideration and approval. The plan represents a collaborative effort between the county, local municipalities, CDOT and the public to create a plan to accommodate various modes of transportation. It consists of two maps, one for the bicycle plan and one for the pedestrian plan. It introduces a network of on-street bike lanes, paved shoulders and wide outside lanes on selected roadway corridors for bicyclists and identifies gaps in the sidewalk system for pedestrians. To view the drafts, visit www.jeffco.us/bike-plan.


Detention Center and Community Corrections Facility Design Project

The commissioners also heard an update on the Detention Center and Community Corrections Facility Design project. This project includes replacing the central plant and mechanical systems at the 26-year-old detention center, increasing space for the crime lab and evidence vault, and construction of a new Community Corrections Facility. The project is in phase one, which includes design and cost estimates. Funding would come from 2009 Certificates of Participation that were issued after the last payment was made on the county's 18-year-old Administration and Courts Facility, freeing up $7 million a year in bond payments.

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