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April 24, 2012
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Board Appointments
Bringing Awareness to Victims of Crimes
First Quarter LEA Report
Other BCC Business

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Board Appointments

The BCC appointed Frances LeCain to the Jefferson Center for Mental Health Board, which oversees the management of the Jefferson Center for Mental Health and appoints the chief executive officer.

Bringing Awareness to Victims of Crimes

Each year 20 million Americans are victims and each crime affects many more, including families, friends and communities. To bring awareness to this, the Board of County Commissioners at its April 24 hearing, proclaimed April 22-28, 2012 as National Crime Victims' Rights Week.


This week provides an opportunity to reshape the future for victims by honoring the past and reflecting on hard-won victories; and re-committing to work together to insist on better treatment for victims to help them overcome the harm caused by crime.



First Quarter LEA Report

The commissioners learned the latest on activities in law enforcement when Sheriff Ted Mink presented the 2012 first quarter Law Enforcement Authority (LEA) report.


Copper Thefts have become an on-going problem metro wide. In January in Jefferson County, thieves cut two copper cables from the light rail line now under construction where it passes under I-70. The damage to the line could exceed $25,000 with an estimated $8,000 in copper taken. Two suspects were later arrested and charged in the thefts. Deputies have received reports of under construction or vacant homes being totally "scrapped" of copper, and other salvageable items such as flooring and appliances. Investigators are contacting known "scrappers" in an attempt to identify the suspects in these cases.


Missing Boy Found. On January 6 a nine-year-old boy who is a student at Powderhorn elementary was discovered missing after recess. Numerous deputies combed the area searching for the missing boy. He was located at a home a few miles from the school. He said he had gone home to get his backpack that he had forgotten that morning.


Crimes of Opportunity. Many crimes committed in the county were crimes of opportunity. A case in point is a burglary at 4790 S. King Road where the burglar entered with a key left by the homeowner outside the residence. In the south precinct burglars gained entry through open or unlocked garage doors. Neighborhoods were advised of the situation through email blasts sent to homeowners' groups


For more information, please read the entire report.

Other BCC Business

The BCC approved a grant with the Colorado State Forest Service for the Wild-Land Urban Interface program for the Sheriff's Office. The total cost of the project is $24,000 and the grant will cover half. The remaining portion will be matched by the county. This program is used for wild-land fuel mitigation efforts.


The BCC approved a grant of $7,500 from the Colorado Division of Emergency Management (CDEM) for the Sheriff's Office. Since 2005 the county has produced and distributed an Emergency Preparedness Guide. It is an award-winning, 64 page booklet, which informs and advises citizens on preparing for natural and man-made disasters. During the past six years, the booklets have been printed twice and more than 25,000 copies have been distributed. The guide is being revised and will include a new Homeland Security Advisory System and other updates. The grant award will enable the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management to print 10,000 copies of the revised booklet.


The BCC approved a purchase order, of $198,800, for two John Deere Backhoe Loaders for the Fleet Services Division. The equipment will be used by the Road and Bridge Division for road maintenance operations. The units will replace existing backhoe loaders under the approved 2012 Fleet Replacement Program.

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