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April 10 & 17, 2012
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Commissioners Recognize Telecommunicators
Boards and Commissions Appointments
BCC Road Actions
Board Approves Resolution to Continue Special Use Hearing

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Commissioners Recognize Telecommunicators




At the April 10 hearing, the Board of County Commissioners approved a proclamation that declares April 8-14, 2012 as National Public Safety Telecommunicator's Week to recognize the dedication of all emergency dispatchers and other communications specialists, both professional and volunteer, who help protect public health and safety.


These men and women serving throughout Jefferson County and elsewhere provide invaluable assistance in operational and emergency situations, which often makes the difference between life and death for individuals in need.


Jefferson County commends the professionals who so effectively staff our communications center and provide dispatch services to numerous law enforcement agencies, volunteer fire departments, and county departments.

Boards and Commissions Appointments

The Board of County Commissioners at its April 17, 2012 hearing approved several appointments to its boards and commissions.


Board of Adjustment

William Mathews and Lois Tate were reappointed as members and Louis Matis and Curtis Westphall II were reappointed as alternate members to the Jefferson County Board of Adjustment (BOA). The BOA hears and considers variances in cases where property owners cannot meet the standards in their zone districts, special exceptions for temporary activities and appeals of the Zoning Administrator's written decisions, determinations and interpretations.


Board of Health

Maureen Sullivan was reappointed to the Jefferson County Board of Health, which governs the Jefferson County Public Health Department and is responsible for making policies and decisions that will help promote health and prevent disease in the county. 


Board of Review

Edward Fronapfel was reappointed as a member and Karen Roman was reappointed as an alternate to The Board of Review, which hears appeals and makes special exceptions to the Building Code in quasi-judicial hearings and may suggest amendments to the Building Code.


Citizen Review Panel

Marleen Fish, Jennifer Hope and Sam Wright were all reappointed to the Citizen Review Panel. This commission conducts hearings to ascertain the legitimacy of complaints against Human Services programs and submits recommendations to the Director of Human Services.


Community Services Advisory Board

Joseph Lubinski was appointed to serve as a member of the Jefferson County Community Services Advisory Board, which makes recommendations to the BCC regarding matters related to human services for low and moderate income residents and recommends recipients for federal funds made available to Jefferson County from the Community Services Block Grant and similar grants.  This board also serves as a liaison for the BCC and the Human Services Division to the Jefferson County community on issues related to human services.


Developmental Disabilities Resource Center Board

David Pemberton was reappointed to the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center Board to represent Jefferson County. This board oversees the operations of the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, which educates and trains the developmentally disabled of Jefferson County.                    


Engineering Advisory Board

Ali Marvi, Ronald McOmber and Michael West were all reappointed to the Jefferson County Engineering Advisory Board, which provides the county, developers, builders and engineers with an evaluation of the engineering aspects of a building permit or developmental proposal on an as-needed basis. 


Fair Advisory Board

Michael Harmsen and Bill Keller were reappointed to the Jefferson County Fair Advisory Board. This board advises the BCC on capital construction and fees at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. It also determines allowable uses, procedures and regulations of the fairgrounds.


Open Space Advisory Committee

Wayne Forman, Ken Morfit, Bob West and John Wolforth were reappointed as regular members to the Open Space Advisory Committee. Also Tookie Scherder was reappointed as an alternate. This committee makes recommendations to the BCC regarding acquisitions, development, maintenance, preservation, use and operation of Open Space lands in conformance with Open Space policies and procedures.


Planning Commission

Lawrence Anna was reappointed as a member and Vincent Harris and David Warren were appointed as associate members to the Planning Commission. Also James Price and Martha Whitmore, who were both associate members, were appointed as members. This commission makes recommendations to the BCC on a wide variety of land use applications that include rezonings, special uses, vacations, special district service plans and subdivision plats. The commission also updates and adopts the county's Comprehensive Master Plan.


Tri-County Workforce Board

Brian Willms was appointed as a member to represent the West Chamber on the Tri-County Workforce Investment Board. Colleen Jorgensen and Stacy Meiser were reappointed. This board provides quality assurance and recommended policy guidance for the Workforce Investment Act programs operated by the county. The board is responsible for identifying the region's workforce development needs and for the creation of a comprehensive strategy and policy framework to meet the workforce development needs of employers.


E-911 Communications Authority Board

Mark Krapf was reappointed as a fire representative on the E-911 Communications Authority Board and Lynn Johnson was reappointed as a city representative. This board is empowered with the authority to contract for the installation and operation of an emergency telephone service and may pay such costs by collecting an emergency telephone charge in its service area


Hazardous Substance Response Authority Board

Wayne Belohlavy was appointed to represent fire departments/districts on the Jefferson County Hazardous Substance Response Authority Board. James McCarthy was reappointed to represent cities/towns and Mark Gutke was reappointed to represent the county. Jefferson County Hazardous Substance Response Authority is designated under state law, and is responsible for the administration and operation of the county hazardous substance response program.

BCC Road Actions

The BCC at its April 17, 2012 hearing approved several items related to the county's Development and Transportation Department.


The first item was the approval of the annual expenditure of $175,000 for truck hauling services to Bellio Trucking, JP Meyer Trucking, KIPCO and P&H Equipment. The Road and Bridge Division uses commercial truck hauling services to assist in the hauling of materials for county maintenance activities. By using contracted services, when needed, the county can avoid increasing the truck fleet and full-time workforce.


The second item was approval of $264,800 to Merrick & Company for roadway design engineering services. The Transportation and Engineering Division requires professional design services to complete the preliminary and final design for the West Chatfield Avenue project. A corridor study was completed for Chatfield from West Ken Caryl Avenue to South Kendal Boulevard in 2004. The study recommended implementation of the minor arterial street template, which consists of two through lanes in each direction, left turn lanes, curb, gutter and sidewalks. Staff is working on implementing this plan for the segment of Chatfield from Ken Caryl to South Garrison Street. Citizen requests for on-street bike lanes will also be included. Funding for this project is in the 2012 budget and Southeast Jefferson County One-Half Cent Sales Tax Funds are being used.


The third item approved was for $606,600 to Muller Engineering Company for roadway design engineering. These services will be used to complete the preliminary and final design for the West Quincy Avenue Project. A corridor study was completed for West Quincy Avenue from Eldridge Street to Zephyr Street in 2006. The study recommended implementing the minor arterial street template. Included will be relocating eight poles for Xcel Energy's existing 115KV electric transmission line. Staff is currently working on the segment from South Kipling Parkway to South Wadsworth Boulevard and citizen requested bike lanes will be included. This project was approved in the 2012 budget, but it is a multi-year project. It is being funded by the Southeast Jefferson County One-Half Cent Sales Tax and the South Plains Impact Fee funds.


The final item was the approval of a relocation agreement with Xcel Energy for the relocation of one of its 115 KV electric transmission line poles and the replacement of two adjacent poles at a cost of $83,000. This is needed for the West Quincy Avenue, Simms Street to Kipling Parkway project to be constructed in 2012. This is being paid for with the Southeast Jefferson County One-Half Cent Sales Tax Fund.

Board Approves Resolution to Continue Special Use Hearing

The BCC, at its April 17 hearing approved a resolution that continues a special use request from the April 3 BCC hearing to its May 8 hearing. The applicant is asking for a special use that would allow for a type II recycling transfer station for slash such as trees and brush. The site is located in the Pleasant Park and US 285 area and is zoned Agricultural-two.


Prior to the May 8 hearing, the applicant is required to conduct a sensory impact study. Only public testimony regarding the sensory impact study will be taken at the May 8 hearing.


For more information, please see the approved resolution.

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