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April 3, 2012
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Appointments to the Juvenile Review Board
Special Use for Recycling Station Continued
Road Business
Supplemental Budgets and Appropriations OK'd
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
2012 Community Development Action Plan Ok'd
Emergency Fire Fund IGA Approved

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Appointments to the Juvenile Review Board

The BCC approved three appointments to the Jefferson County Juvenile Review Board, which reviews case files of children to determine if the child should be placed in a residential home in Jefferson County.


Maryann Peratt, who previously served as an alternate, was appointed to represent Jefferson County Public Schools. Peratt's former alternate spot will now be filled by Ezra Aldern.


The third appointment was David Farley who will represent Law Enforcement as an alternate member on the Juvenile Review Board.


Special Use for Tree and Slash Recycling Station Continued 

At the April 3 Board of County Commissioners (BCC) hearing, a special use that would allow for a type II recycling transfer station was continued to May 8. During this time the applicant is required to conduct a sensory impact study to determine the base levels of noises on the property. The BCC also instructed the County Attorney's Office to draft a resolution, that will be up for adoption at the April 17 BCC hearing. stating the purpose of the continuation.


The site is located in the area around Pleasant Park and US 285 and is zoned Agricultural-two. The property consists of three parcels that combined are 57 acres. The property owners have asked for the special use so that they could operate a recycling center for slash such as trees and brush.

Road Business

The BCC approved several items and contracts for the Development and Transportation and the Administrative Services Departments that will assist with maintaining the county's roads and infrastructure.


The first was a purchase order for $449,416.84 to Colorado Mack Sales and Service. This order includes four 2013 Mack 5th Wheel Tractors that will replace existing units that have been approved as part of the 2012 county budget and Fleet Replacement Program. The trucks will be part of the county's fleet to be used by the county's Road and Bridge Division.


The second item was a Relocation Agreement with Public Service Company of Colorado (Xcel Energy) for the relocation of underground electric distribution lines at the county's Quincy Project (from Simms to Kipling). The lines have to be moved due to the installation of new box culverts under West Quincy Avenue for the Weaver Creek drainage way and due to the changes in roadway grades near South Nelson Street. The county is required to pay $342,510 to Xcel to relocate the lines, since these lines are in Xcel's easement. The costs will be funded from the Southeast Jefferson County One-Half Cent Sales Tax Fund.


The third item on the BCC agenda was an approval of a contract with Concrete Express, Inc. for $3,034,704 for roadway construction services at West Quincy Avenue. The project includes adding through lanes, bicycle lanes, storm drainage, concrete box culverts at Weaver Creek and Johnson ditch, sidewalks, and concrete medians. Work is expected to be completed by the end of December 2012. Part of the project is being funded by the Southeast Jefferson County One-Half Cent Sales Tax Fund and was part of the approved 2012 Capital Improvements Project (CIP) budget.


The next item approved was the Intergovernmental Funding Agreement with Denver Water for the engineering design and construction tasks for installing an extra concrete box culvert under West Quincy Avenue for the Johnson Lateral, which is to be done as part of the Quincy Project. Denver Water engineers requested additional capacity for the Johnson Lateral irrigation culvert, so the agreement states that Denver Water will reimburse the county for its share of the costs, which is estimated to be $90,000.


The final road-related item on the BCC's agenda was the approval of an Intergovernmental Funding Agreement with Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District for engineering design and construction costs for relocating existing water and sanitary sewer lines for the Quincy Project. Lakehurst will reimburse the county for its share, which is estimated to be $27,000. The relocation of the water and sewer lines is necessary to accommodate the new storm sewer pipe improvements at the new box culverts at Weaver Creek.

Supplemental Budgets and Appropriations OK'd

2009 Proposed Budget PresentationAt the end of the calendar year, the Jefferson County Budget is finished, however, due to things such as billing cycles, unforeseen expenses or even multi-year projects, some funds need to be adjusted for the previous year's budget or reallocated into the next year's budget.


The BCC OK'd supplementary budget items for the 2011 budget and appropriated funds that amended the 2012 budget.


Some of the 2011 changes included: 

  • $115,000 for the District Attorney's Office to cover items such as payouts to employees that left the office and the costs to pay psychiatric witnesses for the Eastwood trial from Deer Creek Middle School.
  • $51,000 for the Administrative Services Dog Licensing budget line item. The budget for the certificates of participation (COP) payments for the Foothills Animal Shelter was setup before the county had the final figures on interest expense and was under budgeted. Also salaries were under budgeted by $1,500. 

Some of the 2012 budget appropriations included: 

  • $468,790 for the Facilities Division to do several campus-wide repairs, such as parking garage repairs. These funds were appropriated but not expended in 2011.
  • $722,092 for the Open Space Fund for the Hildebrand Ranch Park, which is a multi-year project.
  • $34,106,159 for the Facilities Division for the Detention Facility Master Plan. This is part of the 2009 COP funding and is a multi-year project.


For more information on the Jeffco budget, please visit www.jeffco.us/budget.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month 

To increase awareness and prevent child abuse, the BCC proclaimed April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month.


In Jefferson County, 8,004 referrals of abuse were reported in 2011, a five percent increase from 2010. Abused and neglected children are part of the community and it will never be enough to intervene after abuse has occurred. Increased efforts to prevent abuse and raise awareness for the month of April include several activities which allow Jefferson County residents and employees to become involved.


Pinwheel gardens will be placed throughout the county in honor of this month. Pinwheel gardens are part of a national effort to effect measurable change in the public's beliefs and behaviors regarding the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Pinwheels for Prevention is a national awareness group that helps communities all across the U.S. plant similar gardens to support the victims of abuse.



For more information call 303-271-4015, visit Jeffco.us/cyf or if you witness child abuse or even suspect it may be happening please call and report it through the Child Abuse Hotline at 303-271-HELP.

2012 Community Development Action Plan Ok'd 

The BCC approved the 2012 Community Development Action Plan, which is a one-year plan that lists projects recommended by the Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB) to be carried out through grant funding.


Each year Human Services' Community Development Division is required to submit an annual action plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the annual allocation of the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and the HOME Investment Partnership program funds.


Recommend CDBG projects are selected through a competitive application process and HOME projects are chosen through a non competitive process. Each agency selected for funding must sign an agreement with the county that is consistent with the grant award amount outlined in the Action Plan.


Also part of the plan is the HOME Consortium Intergovernmental Agreement that will merge the Lakewood and Urban County HOME programs with the county acting as the lead agency and the funds will be divided between the city of Lakewood and areas of the county.


To learn more about the Community Development Division, visit http://jeffco.us/commdev/index.htm.

Emergency Fire Fund IGA Approved

The BCC approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between Jefferson County, the Sheriff's Office and the Colorado State Forest Service to allow the county to continue to participate within the Emergency Fire Fund (EFF).


The EFF was established approximately 30 years ago to afford a response fund for continued attacks on wildland fires. The fund currently receives a base of $1 million annually from participating counties, and it is administered by the Colorado State Forest Service. For 2012, the county will contribute $113,070 to the EFF.


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