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March 27, 2012
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Board OK's Revised Resolution for Special Use
What the 2011 Budget Looked Like
Easement OK'd For South Table Mountain Park

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Board OK's Revised Resolution for Special Use

The BCC at its March 27 hearing adopted a revised resolution regarding Special Use for applicant Activation Ministries International. The special use will allow for future expansion of its church located on Lookout Mountain Road.


The revision was to correct a typographical error in the original resolution that was adopted on March 13. In the second sentence in section 3.C, it now reads "Ground" Floor Area when it previously stated "Gross" Floor Area.


Please see the attached revised resolution.

What the 2011 Budget Looked Like

2009 Proposed Budget PresentationAt staff briefings, Budget Director Christina Caputo presented the commissioners with the final figures for the 2011 budget.


The amended budgeted revenue was $460.7 million but the county actually received $466.3 million, including inter-fund transfers. The county had anticipated lower figures for revenues in taxes, investment income and also fees, permits and fines, but the actual revenue ended up being $5.6 million more than budgeted. The extra revenue will be used to help offset 2011 expenditures.


In 2011, the county had anticipated expenditures to be at $567.6 million but it only expended $487.5 million, including inter-fund transfers. Part of the $80.1 million difference was due to savings in salaries and supplies, but mainly it was due to the timing of capital improvements. The county had budgeted for certain projects, such as the detention facility project, but since some of these plans are multi-year, the budgeted amount will be carried forward, pending BCC approval, into the 2012 budget.


For more information on the county's budget, please visit www.jeffco.us/budget.

Easement OK'd For South Table Mountain Park

The Board of County Commissioners, at its March 27 hearing, approved an easement agreement with the state of Colorado for a public road easement to the proposed South Table Mountain Park trailhead and parking lot.


The easement runs along the northern extension of Quaker Street, from the intersection with Golden Hills Road. The easement is between 30 and 50 feet wide, and 1,423 feet in length, for a total size of 1.81 acres. It will provide public access to South Table Mountain Park. As part of the agreement, the county will vacate a portion of a 1920s right-of-way in the vicinity of the Quaker Street easement.


South Table Mountain is a scenic and historical landmark located between U.S. Highway 58 on the north and Interstate 70 on the south. Open Space has been working with private landowners, state and federal governments for the last several years to connect trailheads and add amenities to make this area more accessible as a regional Open Space Park.

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