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Feb. 28 & March 6, 2012
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Board Approves Special Use
March 6 Business

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Board Approves Special Use

After more than eight hours of public testimony, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) at its Feb. 28, 2012 hearing approved an application for a Special Use that will allow the applicant, Activation Ministries International (AMI), to expand its current facility.


The BCC voted 2-1 to approve the item, with Commissioners Donald Rosier and John Odom in favor and Faye Griffin opposed. This item had also been recommended for approval by the Planning Commission in a 5-2 vote.


The church is located on a 10.28 acre site off of South Lookout Mountain Road, north of Interstate 70. Activation Ministries International acquired the property in 2008. In May 2011, it submitted a Special Use application that would allow it to expand its facility to a maximum of 30,000 square feet of floor area with a maximum of building footprint of 15,000 square feet including space for parking.


The board directed the County Attorney to draft a resolution reflecting the approval for the board's consideration. The resolution will be voted upon by the board at the hearing on March 13, 2012.


Public testimony has been closed and no additional testimony will be taken on this case.

March 6 Business

At its March 6 hearing the BCC accepted federal funds to help pay for bulletproof vests and approved contracts and purchase orders for roadwork and equipment.


Federal Funds for Bulletproof Vests

The BCC approved $5,790.57 in federal funds from the Bureau of Justice (BJA). The funds will be used to provide a 50 percent reimbursement for the cost of bulletproof vests for the Sheriff's Office. Approximately 11 vests will be purchased.


Fleet Replacement Program Purchases

Two purchase orders were approved for dump trucks that will be included in the county's fleet and used for road maintenance activities. The purchases are part of the approved 2012 Fleet Replacement Program and were included in the approved 2012 county budget.


The first purchase order of $414,536 to O.J. Watson Company, Inc. is for seven dump body packages for 2013 Mack Truck tandem axle cabs and chassis. This includes snow plows and sanders so these trucks can be used for snow removal during the winter months.


The second purchase order is for $796,859 to Colorado Mack Sales and Service. This will buy the county seven 2013 Mack tandem axle cabs and chassis, which will replace existing units that are beyond their use of life.


Concrete Contract Renewed

A contract was renewed with Concrete Express Inc., for $1 million. Concrete Express will supplement the Road and Bridge Division's removal and replacement of damaged concrete at locations throughout Jeffco. Replacement of damaged concrete reduces safety issues and damage to adjacent roadways.



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