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January 31, 2012
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Board Appointments
2012 Jeffco Primary Election to be Conducted By Mail Ballot
2012 Open Space Grants Approved
Project Plan OK'd for CSBG Funding

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Board Appointments

The BCC approved the appointment of Kristen Burns as a member and Justin Dentry as an alternate to the Jefferson County Juvenile Review Board. Both will represent the Jefferson Center for Mental Health.


The Juvenile Review Board is responsible for reviewing case files of children to determine if the child should be placed in a residential home in Jefferson County.





2012 Jeffco Primary Election to be Conducted By Mail Ballot 

Elections informationThe Board of County Commissioners, at its Jan. 31 hearing, adopted a resolution presented by the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder to conduct the June 26, 2012 Primary Election as a mail ballot election. Although Jefferson County has conducted mail ballot elections in every odd-numbered year since 1993, this will be the second time the county will coordinate an even-year election by mail ballot. The 2010 mail ballot Primary Election cost the county nearly half a million dollars less than the 2008 polling place primary, and had a voter turnout that was more than 10 percent higher.


"We showed in 2010 that a mail ballot election is a very successful model for a primary and our voters responded positively," said Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson. "Many of the comments we received requested all elections to be mail ballot elections," she added.


Between January 17 and 31, the Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder received public comment on whether to conduct the Primary Election by mail ballot. Eighty-eight percent of public feedback submitted to the Clerk and Recorder's Office was in support of this election model.


"Ninety-four percent of the people who voted in the 2008 Primary Election chose to cast their ballot by mail, even when polling places were available," said Anderson. "Based on that information, the potential cost savings to the county's taxpayers and the public comments we've received during the last few weeks, we are very pleased to be able to use this model for our Primary Election."


Mail ballot elections provide a convenient means for voters to participate and have been shown to increase turnout. Eighty percent of active registered voters in Jefferson County have already declared a preference to permanently vote by mail ballot.


Ballots for the 2012 Primary Election will be mailed to voters the week beginning June 4 in advance of the June 26 Primary. While voters will receive ballots by mail, service centers will be open throughout the county from June 4 through Election Day for voters to obtain a replacement ballot, vote in person, or handle any other election related matter.


Please visit www.votejeffco.com for more information.

2012 Open Space Grants Approved

Centennial ConeThe Board of County Commissioners at its Jan. 31 hearing approved the distribution of the 2012 Open Space Local Park and Recreation & Nonprofit Grants.


The list of grants was recommended by the Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC), which heard the projects at its Jan. 5 meeting. The list includes $818,000 in grants to be funded by the Jefferson County Open Space Sales Tax and $340,700 in grants that will be funded by the Jefferson County Conservation Trust Funds.


Some of the projects include the Bonnie Steward Open Space Acquisition by the city of Westminster; Rockfall Mitigation on Dinosaur Ridge by the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge; and the Wulf Park Playground Replacement and Site Renovation by the Evergreen Park and Recreation District.


Jefferson County Open Space was founded by voters in 1972 as a land conservation organization. It is funded by a one half cent sales tax that is shared by the county and its municipalities. For more information on Open Space, visit www.jeffco.us/openspace.

Project Plan OK'd for CSBG Funding

The Board of County Commissioners gave Human Services the authorization to submit a project plan to the state of Colorado in order to apply for 2012 Federal Community Services Block Grants (CSBG). The county has received the CSBG dollars, administered by the State Department of Local Affairs since 1985.


While the county won't know the final amounts until February or later, and they are subject to change based on federal budget appropriations, currently it estimates that the 2012 award amount will be $354,104 of which $70,820 will be used for grant administration. The 2011 carryover amount will be $135,257.


The grants, if approved, will be used to fund programs at the Workforce Center, the Action Center, the Mountain Resource Center, the Arvada Community Food Bank and the Family Tree.

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