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January 10-17, 2012
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Pre-Construction Contract Approved for Detention Center Expansion
Board Appointments
Rosier Named Chairman
Bus Bench Contract Approved
Northeast Comprehensive Development Plan Terminated

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Pre-Construction Contract Approved for Detention Center Expansion

The BCC at its Jan. 10 public hearing approved a contract not to exceed $93,000 with Haselden Construction for Phase I pre-construction services related to building a community corrections facility and the expansion of some functions within the Sheriff's Office detention center.


The project was identified in 2007 and is being funded from the 2009 Certificates of Participation (COP) issuance. Although this contract is just for the first phase of pre-construction, when the entire expansion project is finished, it will include a new 210-bed community corrections facility and replacement of the central plant at the 26-year-old detention center, and increased space for the crime lab, evidence vault and administrative office areas. 

Board Appointments

The BCC, at its Jan. 10 hearing, appointed Cynthia Miller to the Cultural Council.


The council is responsible for allocating Jefferson County's share of the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District Tier III funds to applying organizations.


At its Jan. 17 hearing, the BCC reappointed Richard Gardner to the Jefferson County Historical Commission.


The Historical Commission  promotes the preservation and use of historical resources and historic sites through educational activities, publications and research projects.    




Rosier Named Jeffco Board Chairman 
At the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Jan. 10 hearing, the BCC unanimously elected Commissioner Donald Rosier to serve as the chairman for 2012. He takes over from Commissioner Faye Griffin who served as the chairman in 2011. The board chairman serves as the presiding officer of the BCC and along with other duties, is responsible for conducting the BCC hearings and meetings.

The BCC elected Commissioner John Odom to serve as chairman pro tem for 2012. The chairman pro tem makes the majority of motions during the public hearings and in the event the chairman is not present, presides as the acting board chairman.

The commissioners also made appointments to represent the county on the following boards and commissions:

Chairman Donald RosierDonald_Rosier
  • Boundary Control Commission
  • CleanLaunch Board of Directors
  • Colorado Counties, Inc. Legislative Committee
  • C-470 Corridor Coalition  
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
  • Jefferson Economic Development Corporation 
  • Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority Board
  • Law Enforcement Authority Board of Directors - Chair       
  • Noxious Weed Advisory Board
  • West Corridor Contingency Committee  

Chairman Pro Tem John OdomJohn_Odom
  • Community Corrections Board
  • Criminal Justice Strategic Planning Committee 
  • Law Enforcement Authority Board of Directors - Chair Pro Tem  
  • Noxious Weed Advisory Board
  • CleanLaunch Board of Directors - alternate
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) - alternate
  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health Board
  • Jefferson County Head Start Policy Council - alternate
  • Jefferson Economic Development Corporation - alternate
  • Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority Board - alternate
  • Boundary Control Commission - second alternate  

Commissioner Faye Griffin 

  • Faye_GriffinChild and Youth Leadership Commission
  • E-911 Board
  • Jefferson County Head Start Policy Council
  • Noxious Weed Advisory Board
  • Rocky Flats Stewardship Council
  • Urban Drainage and Flood Control District Board 
  • Boundary Control Commission - first alternate    
  • Colorado Counties, Inc. Legislative Committee - alternate
  • C-470 Corridor Coalition - alternate 
  • Criminal Justice Strategic Planning Committee - alternate
  • Jefferson Economic Development Corporation - alternate



Bus Bench Contract Approved

In an effort to save on oversight costs and create a more uniform bus stop program the county revised its policy on bus benches and shelters last September. The revised policy switches from multiple vendors to just one and at its Jan. 10 hearing the BCC approved the contract with the selected vendor, Big Sky Outdoor. The Purchasing Division advertised a request for proposal and Big Sky Outdoor's proposal ranked the highest and met the county's requirements.


Big Sky Outdoor will be responsible for installing and maintaining the bus benches and bus stop shelters throughout unincorporated Jefferson County. By having one vendor, the bus stops in the county will be both improved and consistent in appearance. The county will not be financially responsible for installation of bus benches or shelters and anticipates $22,000 of advertising revenue each year from the contractor.



Northeast Comprehensive Development Plan Terminated

At its Jan. 17 hearing, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) terminated the Northeast Comprehensive Development Plan (NECDP) and the related Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the city of Westminster.


The NECDP and the IGA are no longer needed due to the North Plains Community Plan, which was adopted by the Planning Commission in November 2011 and includes the area that was under the NECDP. The North Plains Community Plan, which is part of the county's Master Plan, has land use recommendations that mimic the NECDP.


The NECDP was originally adopted in 1996. It was created to provide regulations to both the city and county for land use cases in the northeast enclaves of the county. It was not an advisory document and superseded the existing Zoning Resolution and Land Development Regulations for both entities.


By terminating the IGA and NECDP, land use recommendations for land in this area are now advisory instead of regulatory, allowing for more flexibility in land use cases. It also has the potential to save time for land owners in the area since they will no longer have to get the approval for land use proposals from both the BCC and Westminster City Council. The Westminster City Council is expected to terminate its portion of the NECDP and IGA by the end of February.


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