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January 24, 2012
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Encouraging More Business in Jeffco
Fourth Quarter Report from Sheriff Ted Mink

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Encouraging More Business in Jeffco

The Board of County Commissioners at its Jan. 24 hearing approved a personal property tax refund incentive for Total Renal Research, Inc. The company is located at the St. Anthony Hospital campus in Lakewood. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of DaVita, Inc., a provider of dialysis services to persons diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.


Total Renal Research, per state statute, is eligible to receive a 50 percent rebate from the county, for the first 10 years of operation provided that the company meets certain performance guarantees, including the expansion of its business in November 2011. In addition, it must also hire a certain number of additional employees and invest the amounts for personal property, capital, equipment and real property as all set forth in its incentive questionnaire.


This rebate only applies to the county's taxable share and does not include any other taxing entities, such as the school district.

Fourth Quarter Report from Sheriff Ted Mink

At the Board of County Commissioners Jan. 24 hearing, Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink presented to the board the Law Enforcement Authority (LEA) 2011 fourth quarter report.


Identity thefts in multiple jurisdictions. In the fall, two Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) investigators realized that some of their cases appeared to be connected. Home Depot had several cases of forgery, with video surveillance, linked to a single woman. The woman's husband was in the Jefferson County Jail, and his recorded visits with her were studied by investigators, leading them to search her vehicle and two storage units. The case is ongoing, but as of November more than 250 forged checks had been identified. Agencies involved and affected by this case so far include Wheat Ridge, Westminster and Louisville. The suspect was arrested in October.


Man goes missing in Lair O' the Bear Park.On October 13, the JCSO received a report regarding a hiker who had not returned home from a day hike in the Lair O' The Bear Park near Kittridge. The 74-year-old man, an avid hiker and frequent visitor to the park, suffers from mild dementia. When he did not return home when expected, his wife went to the park and found that his car was still in the parking lot. The JCSO sent a reverse 911 call to about 2,500 homes in the area regarding the missing hiker. The Alpine Rescue Team was called in, and they searched until after midnight with no success. The search resumed in the morning and the man was found, having fallen and suffered head injuries. He was expected to recover.


Drug arrest leads to $1 million in marijuana. On December 7, Dimitry Genzer, the owner of dispensary "Cannabis and Co.," and a co-defendant, Joseph Daniel Alejo, were arrested by the West Metro Drug Task Force. The task force seized 150 pounds of high-grade marijuana. The task force, with the help of Denver Police, began the investigation in November when it was learned that Genzer was involved in the illegal sales of large quantities of high-grade marijuana. Further investigation led to a search of a storage locker in Lakewood which produced another 23 pounds of high-grade marijuana. A total of approximately 175 pounds of high grade marijuana was seized in this case, with a street value of approximately $1 million.


South precinct makes its move. In November, the Sheriff's Office south precinct in the Ken Caryl area moved from its location on Shaffer Parkway to 11139 Bradford Road -- just around the corner. The new south office houses the Sheriff's Office south precinct and the Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder's south Jeffco motor vehicle office. The move fits two county government service providers into one south Jeffco site -- allowing us to provide a more convenient setup for citizens while saving on rental costs.


Click here to read the full report.

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