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November 1 & 8, 2011
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Celebrating 150 Years
Regulations and Definition of Short Term Rentals Approved
Expecting the Best; Preparing for the Worst
Grant will Fund Victim Advocates Program

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Celebrating 150 Years


At its Nov. 8 hearing, the Board of County Commissioner proclaimed November 2011 as Jefferson County's Sesquicentennial Month.


This year Jefferson County celebrates its Sesquicentennial, recognizing 150 years of rich and colorful history, and commemorating the action of November 1, 1861 when the newly created Colorado Territorial Legislature created 17 counties.


The land that became the state of Colorado had been part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, signed into law by Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States and namesake of Jefferson County. The first election of Jefferson County Commissioners took place in December 1861, starting a tradition of sound government that continues today, creating thriving communities with an excellent quality of life, a strong economic and educational base, and outstanding natural beauty,


To celebrate all this rich history, on Nov. 18, the Jefferson County Historical Commission will host a dinner at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. For more information on the dinner, visit www.historicjeffco.org



Regulations and Definition of Short Term Rentals Approved


At the Nov. 8 Board of County Commissioners (BCC) hearing, the BCC approved three resolutions regarding Short Term Rentals (STR's)in Jefferson County. The three final resolutions will be brought back in two weeks for formal adoption.  STR's were previously heard by the Board at the Aug. 23 BCC hearing. At that meeting, the BCC remanded the issue back to the Planning Commission to create a definition and regulations.


The first resolution created a definition for STR's in the county's Zoning Resolution. Previously there was no mention of STR's. According to the approved resolution, STR's are "a dwelling or portion thereof that contains not more than five bedrooms, that is not owner occupied, and that is available for use for accommodations or lodging of guests paying a fee or other compensation for a period of less than 30 consecutive days."  


The second resolution approved regulations that will govern the use of STR's. Homeowners wishing to use their homes as an STR will have to go through a Board of Adjustment hearing and permit process and follow requirements covering items such as one acre minimum lot sizes, 24-hour contacts, on-site parking, quarterly tax reports, and the prohibition of outside wood and charcoal fires. The process will include a public hearing before the Board of Adjustment that will allow neighbors or any person to make comments about the proposed use. Each case will be handled individually and if approved the owner will have to adhere to the regulations or face losing their permit and no longer being allowed to use their home as a STR.


The third resolution, which passed 2-1, approved the adoption and implementation of the STR regulations in the Jefferson County Zoning Resolution. Those wishing to have a STR will have to meet the requirements of the regulations and obtain a permit. 


The drafted regulations can be viewed online at www.jeffco.us/planning.   

Expecting the Best; Preparing for the Worst

Computer At its Nov. 1 hearing, the Board of County Commissioners approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Adams County that will provide places for both counties to host critical business systems in the event a disaster strikes.


The IGA allows the counties to exchange data center space for hosting disaster recovery instances of critical technology and telecommunications services. Staff evaluated several options, such as commercial hosting services, but found that the exchange of space with Adams County was most cost effective. Since the counties are exchanging space, there are no hard costs, such as rental charges. It also works well due to the proximity of the counties' data centers. They are far enough apart that there is reasonable separation for disasters, but close enough that staff can regularly maintain and access their equipment.


The exchange of space is part of Jeffco's technology and telecommunications disaster recovery plan that was completed earlier this year.

Grant will Fund Victim Advocates Program

Jeffco Sheriff Badge The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has received a $73,259 Violence Against Women Act grant from the Colorado Department of Public Safety. The grant was approved by the Board of County Commissioners at its Nov. 8 hearing and it will be used to retain two Sheriff's Office victim advocates - one full-time and one part-time.


The grant helps to ensure that victims and witnesses of crime and trauma in Jeffco have 24-hour access to trained professionals who can provide the support and resources they need to overcome their victimization. This includes on-scene crisis intervention, follow-up contact and information on referrals. The county does match the grant by providing $18,315 that supports a portion of the full-time Victim Services Coordinator's salary. 


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