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October 18 & 25, 2011
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Volunteer Board and Commission Appointments
Motor Vehicle and Sheriff South Precinct Moving to One Location
Commissioners Approve Resolution Opposing Proposition 103
Revisions to Open Records Policy OK'd
Grant to Provide In-Jail Substance Abuse/Mental Illness Treatment
Changes to Sign Regulations Approved
IGA Amended - County Share of Funding Decreasing
Commissioners Hear LEA Third Quarter Report

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Volunteer Board and Commission Appointments
The BCC at its Oct. 18 and 25 hearings approved several appointments to its boards and commissions

Oct. 18 Appointments

Jacque Russell was appointed to the Jefferson County Juvenile Review Board, which reviews case files of children to determine if the child should be placed in a residential home in Jefferson County. The BCC also appointed Megan Trear as an alternate member, who along with Russell will represent the District Attorney's Office on the board.


Oct. 25 Appointments 

Max W. Mues was reappointed to serve on the Jefferson County Board of Adjustment (BOA). The BOA hears and considers variances in cases where property owners cannot meet the standards in their zone districts, special exceptions for temporary activities and appeals of the Zoning Administrator's written decisions, determinations and interpretations.


Chief Judge Stephen Munsinger will represent the Jefferson County Court, First Judicial District on the Jefferson County Corrections Board. He replaces former Chief Judge R. Brooke Jackson, who resigned due to his appointment to the U.S. District Court for Colorado. The Corrections Board is responsible for establishing and enforcing standards of operation and establishing procedures for screening offenders for placement.


For the Jefferson County Liquor Licensing Authority, the BCC reappointed Scott Estill and Stan Ward. The Liquor Licensing Authority hears and decides liquor license matters, such as new applications, transfer of ownership and special events, in unincorporated Jeffco.


The BCC made two appointments to the Tri-County Workforce Board. Mark Propp will return as a regular member and Colleen Jorgensen is a new appointment to the board. Jorgensen is filling an unexpired term of Michelle Haney who resigned. The Tri-County Workforce Board provides quality assurance and recommended policy guidance for Workforce Investment Act programs operated by Jefferson County. It also is responsible for identifying the region's workforce development needs and for the creation of a comprehensive strategy and policy framework to meet the workforce development needs of employers.


Motor Vehicle and Sheriff South Precinct Moving to One Location


This November, Jefferson County is moving two of its offices into one location.


The new south office, at 11139 Bradford Road, will house the Sheriff's Office South Precinct and the Clerk & Recorder's South Jeffco Motor Vehicle Office. The moves will not only allow the county to consolidate these two services into one facility saving on rental costs, but also benefit the public by having multiple services under one roof.


Moving dates are subject to change, but currently, the Sheriff's Office South Precinct, at 8100 Shaffer Parkway, is scheduled to move on Friday, Nov. 11. It is expected to be fully operational at the new building on Nov. 14. To contact the South Precinct, visit www.jeffco.us/sheriff

or call 720-377-2001.


The Clerk & Recorder's South Jeffco Motor Vehicle Office, currently located at 6004 South Kipling Parkway, will be closed on Friday, Nov. 18 and will reopen in its new office on Monday, Nov 21. The other four Motor Vehicle offices will be open for business on Nov 18. To contact the Motor Vehicle Division, call 303-271-8100 or for information on the other locations, visit www.jeffco.us/mv


Click here for a map of the new location and for updates on the moving schedule, visit www.jeffco.us.

Commissioners Approve Resolution Opposing Proposition 103

On October 24, 2011, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the following resolution opposing Proposition 103 that will go before voters throughout Colorado on November 1.




WHEREAS, Proposition 103 would raise the state income tax level from 4.63 percent to 5 percent and the state sales and use tax from 2.9 to 3 percent for five years, and

WHEREAS, Proposition 103 requires the state legislature to spend the increased revenue, estimated at approximately $2.9 billion over five years, on education, and

WHEREAS, Jefferson County is dedicated to promoting economic development and economic opportunity for its residents and businesses, and

WHEREAS, Jefferson County attends to the needs of individuals in need, and

WHEREAS, the tax increase comes at a time when even modest hikes could damage many businesses and individuals whose financial situation is precarious,


WHEREAS, the Campaign Reform Act, Section 1-45-117(1)(b)(III)(A) C.R.S., allows the Board to pass a resolution and to take a position of advocacy on any issue.


NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners of Jefferson County opposes Proposition 103 and urges the electors to vote against it to protect businesses and individuals during these difficult economic times.

Revisions to Open Records Policy OK'd

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC), at its Oct. 25 hearing, approved revisions to Jefferson County's policy on public records. The policy only applies to the BCC and the departments it oversees, and does not affect the policies of the Sheriff's Office and other elected officials.


The county will now charge a fee for some of the administrative costs of compiling data. The Colorado Open Records Act allows the county to establish rules as necessary to reduce interference with the regular discharge of duties. The previous policy charged a fee for paper copies and with the availability of electronic copies, this fee did not prevent requests from being broad and wide ranging. The new policy allows the county to charge $25 an hour, with the first hour free, for data compilation. The Public Information Office may waive this fee for its staff time. The administrative fee is to encourage requesters to be more specific and to cover costs of staff time used to research the information requested.


Jefferson County continually strives to make public information more easily available, and during the last few years, more and more information, such as the county's checkbook, has become available online. The goal to make more information accessible will continue as the county revises and updates it website, with a major revision coming in 2012.

Grant to Provide In-Jail Substance Abuse/Mental Illness Treatment

The Board of County Commissioners, at its Oct. 18 hearing, approved a $107,100 Jeffco Sheriff Badgegrant from the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health. The grant will be used by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) to provide jail-based treatment for inmates with substance use disorders (SUD) and co-occurring SUD and mental illnesses.


This grant funded opportunity will support two to three contracted community based service providers to begin treatment prior to inmates' releases. The overall goal is to reduce recidivism, and in some cases, reduce incarceration time. The contracted agencies will work closely with the JCSO Detentions Mental Health Transitional Planner to support a more seamless transition from jail to community services.


In 2007, JCSO established a $30 booking fee for each inmate booked into the detentions facility. This fee helps support the full time mental health transitional planner who helps inmates diagnosed with mental illnesses during their incarceration to connect with community service providers once they are released. It is not unusual to have co-occurring SUD with mental illness. Currently the jail can only offer supervised detoxification, and voluntary Alcoholics Anonymous and methamphetamine recovery groups. This grant will support in-jail treatment and provide continuity of treatment when released.

Changes to Sign Regulations Approved

pz-logo-blueThe Board of County Commissioners at its Oct. 25 hearing approved revisions to section 11 of the Zoning Resolution that pertains to signs and outdoor advertising regulations.  


Businesses are now allowed to use portable signs and banners. They must conform to the approved criteria, such as only one banner sign up to 50 square feet in size per business, organization or tenant; and no more than one portable or wheeled sign no larger than 12 square feet per sign facing. Off premise signs will also be allowed, but solely in concurrence with approved special event permits.


Since June 28, 2011, businesses were already adhering to similar regulations due to a commissioner-approved temporary moratorium of the prior sign regulations that didn't allow for the now approved sign uses.


For more information, visit www.jeffco.us/planning.   

IGA Amended - County Share of Funding Decreasing

The Board of County Commissioners, Constructionat its Oct. 18 hearing, approved an amendment to an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the city of Wheat Ridge regarding road improvements along 32nd Avenue.


The IGA was originally put into place in August 2007 between the city and the county. It outlined improvements that the two entities would jointly make at the interchange of Interstate 70 and 32nd Avenue. Recently, Wheat Ridge received a federal grant from the Federal Highway Administration to aid in the funding of the project. This has reduced the county's share from $2.5 million to $1.25 million, which resulted in the need to amend the IGA.


The 32nd Avenue project is from Braun Court in unincorporated Jefferson County to Wright Court in Wheat Ridge. The project consists of capacity and safety improvements to mitigate additional traffic expected from future commercial development in the area north of 32nd Avenue and west of I-70. 


This early action project will provide additional lanes of travel from the I-70 Frontage Road to Youngfield Street to improve traffic operations and lane balance. Specifically in the Jefferson County segment there will be sidewalk placed on the north side of 32nd Avenue from Braun Court to Alkire Street and school signage upgrades adjacent to the Manning School.

Commissioners Hear LEA Third Quarter Report

Jeffco Sheriff Ted MinkSheriff Ted Mink presented to the Board of County Commissioners, at its Oct. 25 hearing, the Law Enforcement Authority (LEA) 2011 Third Quarter Report. Some of the highlights include:


New tool for dealing with distressed properties. In September, the BCC approved a distressed-property ordinance proposed by the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office proposed the ordinance in an effort to see that banks and other owners of foreclosed or vacant and hazardous properties take responsibility for security of the properties, thus mitigating health and safety hazards and quality-of-life impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods. The proposed ordinance requires the owners of foreclosed or vacant and hazardous properties to register with the Jeffco Planning and Zoning department and provide emergency contact information. The registry will help Sheriff's Office personnel reach the owners of distressed properties upon discovery of graffiti, trespassers, squatters, hazardous structural problems, and other issues. The ordinance will go into effect in November.


Traffic stop reveals multiple crimes. On July 23, a deputy made a traffic stop on Highway 285 and Parker Avenue. The driver provided false information and had no license, registration or proof of insurance. Upon searching the vehicle, the deputy discovered 30 Social Security cards, seven driver's licenses and a few birth certificates. The suspect ran and resisted arrest. He was jailed on charges of identity theft, criminal impersonation, resisting arrest, as well as two warrants. His license had been revoked because of three DUIs.


Investigators solve murder of man left on Lookout Mountain. On August 17, a cyclist who had stopped to rest on Lookout Mountain Road saw a man's body over the guardrail. It showed obvious signs of trauma and had apparently been dumped there recently. Investigators and crime lab techs arrived and began their work on the case. Within a few days, they had identified the victim, his home, his associates, and the crime scene. The victim, Richard Limon, a 69-year-old Denver resident, was stabbed to death. Investigators arrested two adults and one juvenile for the murder; a fourth suspect is at large, and may have fled the country.


Sheriff's Safety Fair. An estimated 20,000 people attended the 2011 Summerset Festival at Clement Park, and many of them took the time to visit the Sheriff's Safety Fair there. This free annual event is in its 6th year, and features booths by Sheriff's Office special units and partner nonprofit and government agencies. All booths provide specific safety information and giveaways to citizens, from free "The Club" tools to prevent auto theft (Metro Auto Theft Task Force) to wilderness safety tips (Alpine Rescue Team). Citizens may ask questions of our experts in school safety, identity theft, crime prevention, victim advocacy and emergency preparedness. The Sheriff's Office ensures that its events are educational and enjoyable, with no selling of any products or services. 

Click here to read the entire report.

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