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September 20, 2011
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Commissioners Appoint Volunteers
Distressed Properties Ordinance Adopted
Board Adopts Changes to County Policies
Grant for Airport OK'd

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Commissioners Appoint Volunteers

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) at its Sept. 20 hearing approved appointments to three of its volunteer boards.


Jennifer Balkcom was appointed to serve on the Jefferson County Community Development Advisory Board. This board makes recommendations to the BCC regarding community development, housing and economic development for low and moderate income residents. It also recommends to the BCC recipients for federal funds made available to Jefferson County from the Community Development Block Grant, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program and similar grants.


Andrew Fitzgerald was appointed as an alternate member to represent the First Judicial District County Court on the Jefferson County Juvenile Review Board which reviews case files of children to determine if the child should be placed in a residential home in Jefferson County.


Brian DeLaet was selected to serve on the Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees. This board is a governing board serving the citizens of Jefferson County. This board establishes governing policies, selects the executive director, recommends the budget and dispenses funds, acquires and oversees libraries and library assets, and participates in strategic planning and library advocacy.


"We are very pleased with Brian's interest in serving on the Library Board of Trustees.  With his background in business and technology, he will bring a new perspective to the libraries," said BCC Chair Faye Griffin.

Distressed Properties Ordinance Adopted

damaged houseAt its Sept. 20 hearing, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a new ordinance regarding distressed properties in Jefferson County, which was brought forward by the Sheriff's Office.


Previously the county did not have an ordinance for distressed properties and with the current state of the economy, the county had a rise in foreclosed or vacant properties. Some of these properties have become a safety and health concern for the community, especially for those that live nearby. It has become increasingly difficult to correct the situation and protect the community because these properties do not have a responsible party readily available to contact or even take responsibility for them.


The ordinance mandates a registry for vacant properties in foreclosure or vacant properties that are in a hazardous condition. The responsible party for a distressed property will have to register with Jeffco Planning & Zoning. The registry gives sheriff deputies and county staff a way to contact someone when public safety issues arise. The ordinance also gives the Sheriff's Office the authority to charge the responsible party with petty offenses and fines for violations.

Board Adopts Changes to County Policies

At its public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved changes to five sections of the county's Policy Manual.  Policies are adopted by the BCC to provide direction to its departments, divisions, citizens and businesses. 


The first section updated was section 3.3.3, which is the county's administrative policy on beer, liquor and dance hall licenses. The amendment allows the county to issue a special event permit for the sale, by the drink only, of malt beverages or spirituous, or vinous liquors directly to the applicant, avoiding the delays of waiting for final action by the state, making the process more applicant friendly.


The second update was to section 2.2.9 regarding the Planning Commission. The amendment clarifies compliance with a state statute that allows flexibility in the number of planning commissioners. The commission can have up to nine members and three associate members, but not less than three.


The third change was to section 5.1.5, the chapter on business related travel for county staff. Previously, staff had a travel card separate from the procurement cards and now they will be able to use just one when traveling. The change is due to new technology in tracking travel expenditures.


The fourth change, to section 8.2.1, allows the county's Transportation and Engineering Division to implement a one vendor bus bench program instead of multiple vendors, cutting down on oversight costs and create a uniform bus bench system throughout Jeffco.


The final change was the addition of updated airport policies. The BCC adopted the Airport Rules and Regulations and the Airport Minimum Standards. The previous policies had been adopted in 2002. After a six month public input process, airport staff proposed the new polices that are more broad rules and will allow the airport manager to set the specific rule, regulations and minimum standards.


Efforts to continue updating and streamlining county processes will continue.  To view the county's policies and procedures click here.

Grant for Airport OK'd
Plane landing at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

The Board of County Commissioners approved a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Grant Offer for the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport.


The AIP grant is for $1,287,000. This will fund 95 percent of the project. The remaining amount is being paid for by the State of Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grant and the Airport Fund. Each will cover 2.5 percent or approximately $33,850.


The purpose of the design project is to correct the non-standard RSA conditions on Runway 11L end. Currently the RSA does not meet the FAA criteria outlined for the airport's 9,000' x 100' precision instrument runway. The environmental assessment was completed in August 2011 and the design of the recommended RSA improvements will be completed by April 2012. The two phase construction for the improvements is expected to begin during the summer of 2012 and they will include the relocation of the Interlocken Loop and State Highway 128 intersection, fill and grading of the west end of the runway, and relocation of navigational aids. The anticipated time it will take to complete the construction will be fall of 2013.


Additional information and monthly updates for the project are available on the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport website at www.flyRMMA.com.

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