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September 13, 2011
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Volunteer Board Appointments
BCC Approves Tax Incentive for SourceGas
Grant to Help Housing Project for Homeless Veterans
2011 Wildfire Grant Approved

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Volunteer Board Appointments

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved several appointments to two of its volunteer boards.


Mike Mallon was appointed to the Jefferson County Community Development Advisory Board. This board makes recommendations to the BCC regarding community development, housing and economic development for low and moderate income residents. It also recommends to the BCC recipients for federal funds made available to Jefferson County from the Community Development Block Grant, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program and similar grants.


The BCC approved the reappointments of John Simpson and William Blackburn to the Jefferson County Hazardous Substance Response Authority Board. Simpson will represent fire departments/districts and Blackburn will be the city/town representative. The Jefferson County Hazardous Substance Authority is designated under state law, and is responsible for the administration and operation of the county hazardous substance response program.


BCC Approves Tax Incentive for SourceGas 

The Board of County Commissioners approved a personal property tax refund incentive for SourceGas, which is a natural gas local distribution utility currently headquartered in Lakewood.


Per current state statute, SourceGas is eligible to receive a 50 percent rebate for the first five years of operation provided that the company meets certain performance guarantees, including the expansion of its business on or before March 2012. In addition, it must also hire a certain number of additional employees and invest the amounts for personal property, capital, equipment and real property as all set forth in its incentive questionnaire.


This rebate only applies to the county's taxable share and does not include any other taxing entities, such as the school district.


According to a recent announcement from SourceGas it is planning on relocating its corporate headquarters in 2012 to a facility, located at 600 12th Street in Clear Creek Square, in Golden. The company is moving since it has outgrown its current location in Lakewood.


SourceGas expects to have approximately 200 employees working in its new corporate headquarters, which will provide the opportunity to house all of its employees in one location.


SourceGas and its affiliates serve nearly 410,000 customers and operate 17,940 miles of distribution, gathering and transmission pipeline, as well as storage facilities, in Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. SourceGas and its affiliates also provide gas transportation, in-home HVAC and appliance service and sales, as well as gas commodity sales services to its natural gas customers. 

Grant to Help Housing Project for Homeless Veterans

The Board of County Commissioners approved a grant in the amount of $487,000 that will help provide funding for housing that will include units for homeless veterans in Jefferson County.


In the winter of 2009, the Community Assistance Division (CAD) requested a federal earmark to provide housing for homeless vets. The county was notified in the spring of 2010 that it would receive a $487,000 grant from the United States Department of Housing and Development (HUD) for the project.


After receiving the grant materials in February 2011, CAD approached Metro West Housing Solutions (MWHS) to see if it would be interested in partnering on the project. CAD and MWHS are now partnering on a project that will be near a Light Rail station at 13th and Lamar. The project is projected to be completed in 2013 around the same time the Light Rail station will open to the public. It will provide supportive services and up to 15 apartments for homeless veterans.

2011 Wildfire Grant Approved

At its Sept. 13 hearing, the Board of County Commissioners approved a $42,000 grant from the Colorado State Forest Service. The grant is for the Wild-Land Urban Interface program for the Sheriff's Office Emergency Management Department and will help fund the program through September 2013. It is currently funding crews that are working at Beaver Ranch.


Wildfires continue to be the biggest natural threat to the county. Fuel reduction, by as many means possible, is currently the best mechanism the county uses to reduce the threat of wildfires. The county has had the successful Fuels Mitigation Program in place since 2007. The grant will be matched by $21,000 from the county through soft costs such as employee time, equipment and also from the Sheriff's Office budget.


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