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August 23, 2011
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Consumer Safety & Awareness Day
Appointments to Tri-County Workforce Investment Board
Lease Renewed for $2
Board Approves Funds to Expand Lakewood's Beech Park
Wildhorse Ranch Filing 2 Preliminary and Final Plat Approved
Proposed Regulations Sent Back to Planning Commission
Zoning Resolution Definitions Amended
County May Purchase Parfet Property
Property May Be Sold to Colorado Christian University
Businesses Will Get Tax Refund
Board Approves First Reading of Proposed Distressed Property Ordinance
2012 Cultural Grants OK'd

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Aug. 27 Consumer Safety & Awareness Day



The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) proclaimed August 27, 2011 as Consumer Safety and Awareness Day.


The BCC asks citizens of Jefferson County to become active in promoting safety within their home, neighborhood and community because Colorado ranks ninth in the United States for reports of identity theft. It often takes victims five to seven years to totally clear their credit history when they become a victim of identity theft.

Appointments to Tri-County Workforce Investment Board

The Board of County Commissioners approved six reappointments and seven new appointments to the Tri-County Workforce Investment Board.


Scott Day, Stephen Hatch, Rob Buzogany, Mag Strittmatter, Michael Booth and Judy Jackson were reappointed.


Michelle Claymore, Don Schofield, Peter Pike, Kat Douglas, Kathleen Feighny, Scott Leaming and Denise Stephens were all selected as new appointments.


This board provides quality assurance and recommended policy guidance for Workforce Investment Act programs operated by the county. It is also responsible for identifying the region's workforce development needs and for the creation of a comprehensive strategy and policy framework to meet the workforce development needs of employers. 

Lease Renewed for $2

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office will continue to be able to bring cost effective services and quicker responses to remote mountain areas thanks to a very affordable lease agreement. At the Aug. 23 staff briefings, the Board of County Commissioners approved a $2 lease agreement between the county and Denver Water for two residential properties.


The properties are used for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Resident Deputy Program and are located on South West Platte River Road. Two full-time deputies assigned to the Patrol Division reside in the buildings and provide law enforcement services to remote areas of southern Jeffco.


The deputies live and work in the south mountain patrol area, which includes the Pike National Forest. Each deputy is issued specialized equipment and is specifically trained in critical incident response, winter operations, crime scene investigation and wild land fire issues. The program has been in operation for nearly two decades.

Board Approves Funds to Expand Lakewood's Beech Park

The Board of County Commissioners approved $55,000 from the county's Conservation Trust Funds to assist the city of Lakewood in obtaining land for park and open space uses.


The amount approved will be used in combination with funds from the city of Lakewood to acquire a 3.76 acre parcel of land that is located at 13850 West Alameda Parkway and adjacent to the city's Beech Park. The property will provide a community buffer, wildlife corridor and additional park and open space land.

Wildhorse Ranch Filing 2 Preliminary and Final Plat Approved

The Board of County Commissioners approved the preliminary and final plat for Wild Horse Land Investment for its 14,690 acre Wildhorse Ranch Filing 2 development.


The proposed development is located in a plains area at approximately 19000 West 58th Avenue. The plans are to subdivide the property into 50 lots for single-family detached units with a minimum lot size of 5,175 square feet. Also as a part of this project, two tracts of land will be dedicated to the county, but maintained by a future homeowners association. The tracts will be used for open space, park and trail purposes. 

Proposed Regulations Sent Back to Planning Commission

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) unanimously voted to remand proposed changes to the county's Zoning Resolution to the Planning Commission for clarity and recommendations.


Currently the county does not have any regulations for short-term rentals (STR). Without mention in the Zoning Resolution, STRs are zoning violations; and if homeowners wish to rent their homes for less than 30 days, they have to apply to rezone their property. The proposed changes have criteria to cover issues like parking and proof of adequate water, sewer and fire protection.  They also outline an annual permit process.


Prior to the BCC reviewing the draft at its public hearing, the proposal was heard at the Planning Commission hearing on Aug. 3. The Planning Commission voted 6-1 to deny the STR regulations. The BCC is asking the Planning Commission to rehear the case and provide a definition of a "Short Term Rental." Even if the recommended definition contains language to keep STRs as a zoning violation, the BCC feels a definition would provide better guidelines to staff on how to handle them instead of continuing to have nothing in the Zoning Resolution.


Additionally, the BCC has asked for the Planning Commission's clear opinion and recommendation on whether or not STRs are something that should be allowed in unincorporated Jefferson County, regardless of their recommendation on the proposed regulations.

The item is scheduled to be heard at the Oct. 5 Planning Commission meeting, which begins at 6:15 p.m. and is in hearing room one at the Jeffco Admin and Courts Facility.

Zoning Resolution Definitions Amended

pz-logo-blue The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) OK'd amendments to the definition section of the Zoning Resolution. The changes will allow more flexibility in the application of the Zoning Resolution and clarify several definitions.


The following definitions were added or modified:

  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Barn
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Camp
  • Camp Ground
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Cluster Development

The Zoning Resolution can be viewed on Planning and Zoning's website, www.jeffco.us/planning.


County May Purchase Parfet Property

The Board of County Commissioners approved the potential purchase of property located at 645-655 Parfet Street in Lakewood for $2.3 million. The Parfet building is 54,855 square feet and is adjacent to county owned property at 11011 West 6th Avenue known as the Remington Building.


During the same BCC hearing, the board approved the potential sale of county property at the northeast corner of Alameda and Kipling. That property contains a 40-year old building where some of the county's Public Health administrative offices and a clinic are now housed.


The Parfet building will serve as a replacement if the other building is sold and allow the county to move the Public Health Department's administrative, environmental health and clinical staff from Lakewood and the Climax building into the Parfet building to increase efficiency and save on maintenance and operational costs.  

Property May Be Sold to Colorado Christian University

The Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution authorizing the sale of county owned property at Alameda and Kipling to the Colorado Christian University, which has offered a purchase price for the property of $3.75 million.


The property is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Kipling and Alameda. The Jefferson County Public Health Department and the Jefferson Center for Mental Health currently occupy the two buildings on the site, which is located in Lakewood.


After 40 years at its current location, Public Health services have grown to the point that the department has outgrown the facility.


Jefferson County acquired the approximately 18 acres in 1961. A 27,468 square foot building was built on the site in 1965 and 11,064 square feet building was constructed in 1970. 


The county decided, after recommendations from a citizen budget panel in 2009 and detailed analysis, to sell the site and relocate the Public Health Department's offices. The county currently owns approximately 58 facilities spread over its 774 square miles. It also leases space in non-county facilities. The county has been assessing all its properties to determine operational costs associated with building maintenance needs, future operational capacity and building characteristics. It is part of an initiative to consolidate operations into "satellite campuses" or "hubs" to control future costs and provide more efficiency in service delivery. 


After the decision to sell the Alameda and Kipling property was made, the county in April 2010, worked with the city of Lakewood, in which the property is located, and rezoned it to planned development. Some of the uses this zoning allows for include retail, general office and university uses.


In August 2010, the county held a meeting with potential developers to solicit offers. Although there was significant interest, no proposals were received by the deadline. Then in spring of 2011 the county received the proposal from the university, which has campus buildings close to the site.


The sale of the property to Colorado Christian University is pending the successful outcome of sale negotiations.  

Businesses Will Get Tax Refund

2009 Proposed Budget Presentation At the Aug. 23 staff briefings, the Board of County Commissioners OK'd a TABOR refund of the Law Enforcement Authority (LEA) property tax. The LEA funds law enforcement services to unincorporated portions of Jefferson County.


Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution (TABOR) requires that revenues above the allowable amount must be refunded or an election has to be held for voters to decide if the LEA can or cannot retain the excess revenues.


Since the cost of the election would most likely exceed the amount to be refunded, the county has chosen to refund $413,000 to approximately 1,000 commercial properties in unincorporated Jefferson County that are current on their property taxes. The commercial properties were chosen since they pay 29 percent of appraised value and residential properties only pay 7.96 percent of appraised value resulting in a disproportionate share paid by the commercial property owners. The refund helps to offset a portion of the disparity.

Board Approves First Reading of Proposed Distressed Property Ordinance

At the August 23 Board of County Commissioners (BCC) hearing, the commissioners conducted a first reading of a proposed ordinance for distressed properties. The first reading sets the public hearing date for the proposed ordinance. 


The public hearing is now set for September 20. It will be heard at the BCC hearing, which will be in the first floor hearing room in the Admin and Courts Facility, 100 Jefferson County Parkway in Golden.


Currently the county does not have an ordinance for distressed properties. The proposed ordinance, if approved, would give another tool to the Sheriff's Office to keep communities safe.


Part of the proposal includes a registry for vacant properties in foreclosure or vacant properties with hazardous conditions. The responsible party for a distressed property would have to register with Jeffco Planning & Zoning. This would give the sheriff's deputies and county staff a way to contact the responsible party when public safety issues arise. The proposal would also give the Sheriff's Office the authority to charge the responsible party with petty offenses and fines for violations.

2012 Cultural Grants OK'd

Scientific and Cultural Facilities District The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved the recommendations from the county's Cultural Council Board and the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) Board for $994,073 in grants. The grants are funded through tax dollars generated by the SCFD sales tax approved by voters.


The Cultural Council Board interviewed all of the applicants and 78 groups were awarded the grants pending final approval. Some of the organizations that applied include:

  • Foothills Art Center
  • Golden History Museum
  • Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave - Mountain Melodies Music Festival
  • Westminster Community Artist Series - Summer Concert Series

The grants will be up for final approval by the SCFD on Sept. 22 and then if all approved, will be distributed on Oct. 26.

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