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May 31, 2011
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Board Approves VALE Grant
Open Space 10-Year Funding Plan Adopted
County Employee Food Drive June 2 - 20

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Board Approves VALE Grant

The Board of County Commissioners at its May 31 hearing approved a contract with the Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement Board (VALE) of the first Judicial District of Colorado.  The contract will allow the county to accept the 2011/2011 grant of $54,954.


The VALE Board provides grant awards to assist the Sheriff's Office in providing expertise and skill in law enforcement victim assistance.  This includes on-scene crisis intervention, follow-up contact and information or referrals.  This award will help, in part, provide 24-hour access to trained professionals to assist victims and witnesses of crime and trauma to obtain the support and education necessary to overcome their victimization. 


Under Colorado State Statutes, specifically, the Victims Bill of Rights, the Sheriff's Office is required to provide this service.  This annual VALE grant provides 78 percent of the funding that is required for the Victims Service Advocates.  The county provides the remaining 22 percent.  The term of the grant is from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

Open Space 10-Year Funding Plan Adopted 
The Board of County Commissioners at its May 31 meeting adopted the 10-Year Open Space Funding Plan.  Adoption was recommended by the Open Space Advisory Committee.


Due to the significant reduction in available funding for Open Space purposes, Open Space staff and the Open Space Advisory Committee developed the plan, with input from multiple stakeholders that included cities, districts, conservation and nonprofit organizations. 


The plan will provide guidelines for expenditures for Jefferson County Open Space land acquisitions and capital projects.  It also provides the outline to continue to be supplemental funding partners with cities, park districts and nonprofit organizations and create equitable funding and grant guidelines among those entities.  The plan recommends using the established guidelines with flexibility to take advantage of land and project opportunities that come forward in the next 10 years.


To learn more about Open Space, visit www.jeffco.us/openspace.

County Employee Food Drive June 2 - 20
The Board of County Commissioners at its May 31 hearing read a proclamation recognizing June 2-20 as the donation period for the Jefferson County Employee Food Drive. 



Jefferson County employees have organized this food drive as a vehicle for giving to the neediest families in the community, because even in healthy, thriving communities such as Jeffco, some families go hungry. 


Giving food is especially important during the summer months, when contributions are typically at their lowest.  Donations from this food drive will be given to the Jeffco Action Center, Arvada Food Bank and Evergreen Christian Outreach Center. 



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