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May 24, 2011
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May 2011 is National Foster Care Month
Finishing Touches on Chatfield Avenue
Design Services Awarded for West Quincy Avenue Project
IGA with Denver Approved
BCC OKs Lease with Denver Water

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May 2011 is National Foster Care Month

At its May 24 hearing, the Board of County Commissioners proclaimed May 2011 as National Foster Care Month.


All children and youth in foster care deserve the love, stability, trust and happiness experienced through family life and a safe and loving home.  Caring foster families embrace children, value family connections and provide a safe home until each child can return home, be adopted or live independently.


The Collaborative Foster Care Program of Jefferson and Arapahoe counties works diligently to streamline resources, improve training and increase support for foster and birth families. 


The month of May is dedicated to honoring and supporting young people in foster care and recognizing the committed adults who work on their behalf each day.


































Finishing Touches on Chatfield Avenue

The Board of County Commissioners at its May 24 hearing approved a contract with Schultz Industries for installation and maintenance of landscaping and irrigation on West Chatfield Avenue, between South Wadsworth Boulevard and South Everett Way.


It is anticipated that all plantings, landscape features and irrigation will be installed and operational by October 2011.  Schultz Industries will provide two years of maintenance from November 2011 until October 2013, to assure plant growth and irrigation system performance.  After that the county will take over the landscape and irrigation maintenance.


A high efficiency "soaker" irrigation system will be used on this project to minimize water use and allow remote control from the county's main landscape operations in Littleton.


The landscaping and irrigation project will add the finishing touches in this third and final phase of improvements along this section of West Chatfield Avenue.   Improvements from South Wadsworth Boulevard to South Everett Way began with a corridor study in 2004.  From there, engineers developed a conceptual design, followed by two phases of final designs finished in 2009. 


Phase I construction work began in July 2009 to widen the Wadsworth intersection and improve turning movements from Chatfield Avenue.  In July 2010, Phase II construction was started to widen the roadway to an arterial standard, add sidewalks, build retaining walls and improve drainage at Massey Draw.


The contract with Schultz Industries is for $272,287 and will be paid for from the Southeast Jefferson County One Half Cent Sales Tax Fund.  Funding was approved as a part of the 2011 Capital Improvements Project budget. 

Design Services Awarded for West Quincy Avenue Project

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved a purchase order with Merrick & Company for the preliminary and final design of the West Quincy Avenue arterial roadway improvement project.  The section being improved is from South Simms Street to South Kipling Parkway.


The 2006 Corridor Study for West Quincy Avenue recommended implementation of the minor arterial street template.  The preliminary design will be two through lanes in each direction, left-turn lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalks.  However, the final design and initial construction phase will only include the future eastbound lanes that will be striped for two-way traffic with four-foot-wide shoulders in each direction, which can be used as on-street bike lanes, from West Radcliffe Drive to South Nelson Street. There will also be curb and gutter and an eight-foot-wide sidewalk on the south side. 


The project will include the design and construction of the full minor arterial street section from South Nelson Street to South Kipling Parkway and drainage improvements and storm water quality treatment measures.


Concurrent with the county's roadway improvement project, Denver Water will also be repairing and enlarging the Harriman Lake Dam that is located in the project area.  Upgrading the dam will require Quincy to be relocated to the north to provide a minimum of 20 feet between the road and the foot of the dam.  Depending on final permitting, reconstruction of the dam could begin this fall or next spring.  During the dam reconstruction, to ensure safety of the public and construction workers, Quincy will be closed from West Quincy Place to South Nelson Street.


The current contract for design work is for $291,600 and is being funded by the Southeast Jefferson County One Half Cent Sales Tax Fund.


IGA with Denver Approved
The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the city and county of Denver, acting on the behalf of Denver Water.

Denver Water's Kassler Filter Plant and Strontia Springs Reservoir located at 11300 Waterton Road in Littleton will be undergoing dredging and grading work.  Denver Water applied through Jeffco's Planning and Zoning Division for a grading permit and associated final plat.  The IGA will serve as the financial guarantee ensuring all improvements related to the project are completed. It is the last requirement to be met before the permit is released so that work may begin on the project.

The costs for the improvements are estimated at $107,304 and are guaranteed by the IGA. In the event, Denver Water does not complete all improvements associated with project, the IGA allows Jefferson County to collect funds from the city and county of Denver that have been allocated in its 2010-2012 capital improvements budget and go in and complete the project.
BCC OKs Lease with Denver Water

At its May 24 hearing, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved the lease and operating plan between Denver Water and Jefferson County.  Approval of the lease was recommended by the Open Space Advisory Committee.


This lease will replace the existing Fairmount Trail Lease, which expires in 2017.  The new lease will expire in 2036 and authorizes a trail connection from Fairmount Trail to North Table Mountain Park.  The trail connection will support the improvements planned for the park.


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