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April 26 & May 3, 2011
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Board Appointments
May is Mental Health Month
BCC Adopts 2011 Vision, Values and Goals
Commissioners Hear the Latest from Sheriff Mink
Changes to Zoning Complaint System

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Board Appointments


The BCC approved the reappointment of Ruth Anna and Linda Rockwell as members of the Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees.  Both of their terms will expire March 31, 2014.


The Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees is a governing board serving the citizens of Jefferson County.  The board establishes governing policies, employs the executive director, recommends the budget and dispenses funds, acquires and oversees libraries and library assets, and participates in strategic planning and library advocacy.


 May is Mental Health Month


The Board of County Commissioners has proclaimed the month of May as Mental Health Month in Jefferson County.  There to accept the proclamation were representatives from Jefferson County Mental Health Center Bryce Bowers, peer specialist, for the Criminal Justice Mental Health Team and Vicki Rodgers, vice president, of Clinical Systems.  


Mental health problems can affect any age, background or stage of life, and early detection, diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems is crucial to having healthy individuals and communities that are essential to a strong and vibrant society. 

Mental health month is a time to recognize those who provide services and work to dispel fears, myths and misunderstandings commonly associated with mental illnesses and increase access to treatment and support.

BCC Adopts 2011 Vision, Values and Goals


At its public hearing, April 26, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved its 2011 Vision, Values and Goals.  These apply to all county departments and divisions that are overseen by the BCC.




Providing quality services for residents and businesses to thrive.



  • Honesty and integrity
  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Quality workforce
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Open and effective communications
  • Collaborative environment


  • Promote economic vitality
    • Create and implement a Comprehensive Economic Development Plan
    • Support job development
    • Streamline regulations
    • Partner with businesses and organizations
  • Provide safe communities
    • Support crime prevention and law enforcement
    • Enhance public health, safety and environment
    • Protect children, seniors and persons with disabilities from abuse and neglect
  • Recruit and retain a quality and engaged workforce
  • Maintain and enhance all modes of transportation
  • Demonstrate wise use and stewardship of our natural resources
  • Cultivate self-sufficiency for all our residents through education, information and involvement
  • Enhance the efficiency of internal and external delivery of services 
  • Foster responsible land use and development
    • Balance competing private property rights 
    • Operate with long-term master planning
Commissioners Hear the Latest from Sheriff Mink
At the April 26 Board of County Commissioners hearing, Sheriff Ted Mink presented the 2011 first quarter Law Enforcement Authority Report.


Storage-unit burglaries solved

There had been a large increase in storage-unit burglaries across the metro area the past two years.  A number of these burglaries were committed in unincorporated Jefferson County, which prompted Patrol commanders to assign additional patrols of storage unit facilities. 


On February 22 at about 1:30 a.m., Jefferson County Sheriff's patrol deputies apprehended two men for suspicion of burglary at the Mini-U-Storage facility located at 7322 S. Carr Street.  A patrol deputy noticed two unoccupied vehicles that appeared somewhat out of place, and found two men on the property stealing items. The suspects may be responsible for more than 100 storage unit burglaries in unincorporated Jefferson County, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton and Douglas County.


Indian Gulch Fire burns near Golden

On Sunday, March 20 at about 10:15 a.m., fire was reported in the area of Mount Galbraith, between Clear Creek Canyon and Golden Gate Canyon. By 3:15 that afternoon the fire had spread to 150 acres and was not contained. An e911 to evacuate call went to Jeffco residents in the Golden Gate Canyon.  The same happened for a subdivision in the city of Golden.

The Sheriff's Office opened its emergency operations center (EOC). A Type 3 incident management team (IMT) convened to manage the multi-agency response. Later, a Type 1 federal incident management team would be called in to take over fire management. Helicopters and Single Engine Airtankers (SEAT) were brought in for the fight, as well as firefighters and support staff from more than five dozen public and nonprofit organizations.

The fire burned actively for the week, spreading to 1,500 acres, approaching Golden Gate Canyon Road on the north and reaching all the way to Highway 6 on the south. Full and partial closures of Golden Gate Canyon Road and Highway 6 were necessary throughout the week. Wind speeds and gusts were extreme.

The Sheriff's Office and the IMT public information team led the public relations and media relations efforts throughout the fire. The JCSO launched its emergency blog, which had frequent, short updates on fire activity and road closures.

Investigators determined that the fire was human-caused and made a plea for tips from the public. At this time no suspects have been identified.


To read the entire report, click here.


Changes to Zoning Complaint System
At staff briefings, the Planning and Zoning Division briefed the commissioners on the county's anonymous complaint process as it pertains to reporting potential zoning violations.


Currently citizens have the option to remain anonymous.  This is the standard operating procedure for much of the country including most of the municipalities in Jefferson County.  


Due to concerns that there could be potential misuse of the anonymous system, the commissioners felt it is time to change the system and will now require contact information on zoning complaints.  The contact information will be kept confidential and not made part of the public record.  Staff will use it to track complaints and also to better communicate with complainants and find the location of the potential zoning violation. Occasionally, when a complaint comes in, it doesn't include all the necessary information for investigation, and there is no way to contact the complainant for further details.


The new system is expected to be implemented on June 1 and will run for about a year to allow enough time to see if the new requirement is helpful and whether there is any change in activity.  The commissioners will then look and determine the effect of the new system and decide whether or not to continue requiring contact information or return to an anonymous complaint system. 


Zoning violations occur when a property owner does not follow the zoning regulations that govern a piece of property.  For a typical residential property, zoning violations are things like unlicensed vehicles, a too tall fence or loose trash and debris on property.  Last year there were approximately 1,800 complaints and about 1,300 resulted in violations. 


For more information on the Planning and Zoning Division or to file a zoning complaint online, visit www.jeffco.us/planning.

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