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March 15, 2011
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Board Appointments Updated
Airport Receives Grant
Open Space Land Purchase Approved
Energy Conservation Improvements at Libraries
Fire Alarm System Will Be Updated

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 Board Appointments Updated

 With the recent addition of John Odom to the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, replacing Commissioner Kevin McKasky who resigned, the BCC approved an updated list of the various boards on which the commissioners serve as members.


Jefferson County Commissioner Faye Griffin

Faye Griffin


  • Child and Youth Leadership Commission
  • Criminal Justice Strategic Planning Committee
  • E-911 Board
  • Jefferson County Head Start Policy Council
  • Law Enforcement Authority Board of Directors - Chair
  • Noxious Weed Advisory Board
  • Rocky Flats Stewardship Council
  • Urban Drainage and Flood Control District Board
  • Boundary Control Commission - first alternate
  • Jefferson Economic Council - alternate

Commissioner Donald Rosier

Donald Rosier 

Chair Pro Tem

  • Boundary Control Commission
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
  • Jefferson Economic Council
  • Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority Board
  • Law Enforcement Authority Board of Directors - Chair Pro Tem
  • Noxious Weed Advisory Board
  • West Corridor Contingency Committee
  • Jefferson County Head Start Policy Council - alternate

John Odom 

John Odom

  • Clean Launch Board of Directors
  • Community Corrections Board
  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health Board
  • Noxious Weed Advisory Board
  • Boundary Control Commission - second alternate
  • Criminal Justice Strategic Planning Committee - alternate
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) - alternate
  • Jefferson Economic Council - alternate
  • Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority Board - alternate




Airport Receives Grant

Jefferson County's Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is getting a lot of bang for its buck.  For only $159,000 from the airport's budget, the county is getting an additional $3,431,000 million to use for much needed improvements at the airport.  A Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grant (CDAG) in the amount of $391,000 was awarded by the Colorado Department of Transportation - Aeronautics Division.  The grant was accepted by the Board of County Commissioners at its March 15 hearing.   


Plane landing at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan AirportIn addition to the approved grant and the airports share, $3.04 million will come from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The outlined projects to get underway in 2011 total $3,590,000. 


The largest project is phase two of the Runway 11L Safety Area Enhancement Project.  This is a multi-phase project to improve the runway safety area on the  approach at the end of runway 11L.  This area does not meet the criteria outline for airports certification and needs to be improved.  Currently phase one, which is the environmental assessment, is underway.  Phase two, which is budgeted at $3.2 million, is expected to begin in late summer of 2011 and includes land acquisition and design.  Construction, which is the third and final phase, is slated to commence in 2012.  The entire FAA funding will be contributed to this project.


Next on the list is airfield pavement maintenance budgeted at $100,000.  Half will be covered from the CDAG and the remaining from the airport's contribution.  The terminal ramp is in need of rehabilitation due to the failure of a slurry seal that was applied almost 12 years ago.  Four inches of asphalt will be milled and replaced.  Also a stress absorbing fabric will be added to reduce deflection cracking at the surface.  This is a multi-phased project and the first phase will begin this summer.


The third project is the replacement of the airport's snow removal equipment.  Ninety percent or $216,000 will be paid for by the CDAG and $24,000 will come from the airport's budget.  Currently the airport uses a 1987 runway broom and will replace it with a 2010 model tow-behind runway broom.


The final project on the list is the implementation of a new airfield lighting control system.  The air traffic control tower is anticipated to open this summer and the new system, which utilizes fiber optics, is necessary due to the distance required for communication between the relocated air traffic control tower and the existing electrical vault.  The project is expected to begin this spring is $50,000, with only $5,000 from airport funds and the rest coming from the CDAG.


To learn more about the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport visit, http://jeffco.us/airport/.

Open Space Land Purchase Approved

At its March 15 hearing, the BCC approved the purchase agreement of 186.68 acres for Open Space.  The land is adjacent to White Ranch Park and Ralston Creek.  The sale price is $1,045,408 and will be paid for with Open Space funds.


This parcel is being acquired to protect a large tract of wildlife habitat.  It will provide a half-mile-wide buffer between the White Ranch Park and a nearby residential development to the west.   It will also preserve a critical segment of Ralston Creek, which is one of the most biodiverse and least developed stream corridors in Jefferson County.


Energy Conservation Improvements at Libraries

The BCC approved a contract with McKinstry Essention for $3,374,381 for energy conservation and equipment measures.  Funds are being made available through issuance of Certificates of Participation by Jefferson County on behalf of the Jefferson County Public Library.


In 2010, the BCC contracted with two energy service companies, McKinstry and ConEdison, to provide an energy efficient audit of the county campus and the detention facility.  The findings from the audit resulted in a variety of energy efficiency recommendations that during phase one was funded by federal stimulus dollars.  Phase two projects are proposed to be paid for by the county and the utility savings will more than offset the annual financial lease payment during the term of the loan. 


Coinciding with the initial efforts on the county's main campus, the Library Board of Trustees decided to have an audit as well.  This audit focused on cost containment and utility expense reductions at various county-owned library facilities.  Now that it is in the project phase, to reduce costs the county is consolidating both the county campus and the library energy projects into one financial proposal.  In addition, the library's automatic book sorter project will be added into the overall financing package as well.


The total amount financed will be approximately $11 million over a 10-year term.  However, the savings from these projects will on average pay back for their portions of the financing in 8.4 years.


Some of the proposed projects for the library include upgrading the HVAC system at the Lakewood location, making modifications to the libraries system-wide to capture energy efficiencies and lower operating costs, and installing automatic book sorters at seven library locations.  

Fire Alarm System Will Be Updated

Jefferson County's Administration and Courts Facility will soon get an updated fire alarm system.  The BCC at its March 15 hearing approved a contract with Carlton Electric for $941,400.


The facility, located at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, currently has a fire alarm system that is inadequate and requires replacement.  The system Administration and Courts Facilitywill no longer support additional loads from remodels in the building necessary to accommodate additional space for the courts, and the Golden Fire Marshall's Office has indicated that it will not approve additional permits for remodeling with the existing fire alarm system. 


Carlton Electric was the low bidder and through negotiations, the county did reduce the budget for this project by $115,100.  The project should take approximately 12 months to complete.


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