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Feb. 22 & March 1, 2011
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Board Appointments
Schaffer's Crossing Continued
Contracts OK'd for Water Damage Cleanup
Board OK's Contract to Finish South Service Center
Proposed Ordinance Continued
Staff Briefings

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Board Appointments

The BCC approved two new appointments to the Juvenile Review Board. 


Roger Powell will represent the Division of Youth Corrections and replaces Kathy Harvey who had resigned.


The second appointment was Stephanie Fumia.  She will serve as an alternate member and will represent the Division of Youth Corrections and replaces Jim Economy who also had resigned.

Schaffer's Crossing Rezoning Request Continued

After an almost three hour public hearing on March 1, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (BCC) voted to continue the Schaffer's Crossing West Official Development Plan rezoning request to its March 22 public hearing.  BCC meetings are at 8 a.m. in Hearing Room One located at the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Facility, 100 Jefferson Parkway.


Commissioner Donald Rosier made the motion, and Commission Chair Faye Griffin seconded, to continue the case citing that before he could make a decision on the rezoning he needed more information, specifically regarding work by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) at the intersection of Highway 285 and Elk Creek Road, which is adjacent to the property in question.  CDOT would have had to conduct surveys and hydrology studies prior to commencing work and those results could have an impact on what should or should not be allowed on adjacent land, Rosier said.


The applicant is requesting a rezoning from Agricultural-Two to Planned Development to allow for a mixture of uses including single family residences, camping, limited commercial, recreation and open space uses.  Currently the 57.142 acres has one residence, a couple of fishing ponds and the rest is used as private open space.


As with all BCC meetings, this hearing was recorded and is available at www.jeffco.us  by clicking on the media-on-demand button.

Contracts OK'd for Water Damage Cleanup

At its February 22 public hearing, the BCC approved three contracts for services rendered regarding water damage mitigation at the Jeffco Administration and Courts Facility, 100 Jefferson County Parkway. The county is responsible for a $50,000 deductible and the rest of the expenses will be reimbursed by its insurance provider.  


On February 3, 2011, a waterline broke on the administrative side of the facility. The break caused substantial water damage from the fifth floor all the way down to the first floor, causing several offices to be temporarily relocated.  The cleanup is still in progress and final totals for costs associated have not been tabulated, but the county needs to move forward with coordinating contracts for past and current services that have been provided.


The first contract approved was with Team K Services, LLC not to exceed $345,000.  Team K provided emergency structural drying services that helped prevent further damage right after the waterline break was discovered.  Normally contracts of this amount go through a formal bidding process and are approved prior to the project, but due to the urgent nature of this situation, emergency procedures were invoked and staff chose this company based on resource information it had on restoration companies.


The second contract approved by the board was with Interstate Restoration, LLC.  This contract is not to exceed $900,000 and is for emergency services to remove and replace drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles and general cleanup as a result of the water damage.  Again due to the emergency time frame, there was not adequate time for a formal bid and staff chose this company based on a recommendation from the county's insurance provider.   


The third contract approved at the public hearing was with Commercial Flooring Services, Inc.  The already pending contract was increased to cover the water damaged areas.  The total contract is for $221,117 and of this $159,580 is allocated for repairs relating to the water damage.


Unlike the above two emergency contracts, this one was processed according to the county's normal procedures.  In March 2010, the director of the county's Purchasing Division executed a non-encumbering master agreement with Commercial Flooring Services establishing terms and conditions.  In various locations damaged by the waterline break, carpet and base molding needs to be replaced.  Since crews will be in the facility replacing the damaged sections, the county feels it is more efficient to have them stay and complete scheduled replacement of carpet and base molding in other areas of the facility due to normal wear and age.   


Board OKs Contract to Finish South Service Center

The Board of County Commissioners, on February 22, approved a contract for $2,563,722 million with MW Golden Constructors for construction services.  This amount, achieved through vendor negotiations, reflects a reduction of $242,824 from the original amount budgeted for this project.  Work to be performed according to the contract entails design, building interior finish and construction of a parking structure for the soon to be complete South Service Center.


Since 2010, staff has been working on schematic design plans for the new service center and once they were completed, a request for proposals for design and construction contractors was issued.  Six firms responded and of those, MW Golden Constructors was the highest ranked firm.  


Jefferson County purchased the Bradford Building, at 11139 Bradford Road, in October 2010 for $3,726,025.  The building was acquired to form the new Jefferson County South Service Center, which will replace leased space that is currently occupied by the Sheriff's south substation and the Clerk and Recorders' south motor vehicle office.  Additional space within the new service center is anticipated to also be used for Probation Department, Health Department and Human Services offices.


The total budget for this project, including acquisition of the site, is $7,225,000.

First Reading of Proposed Distressed Real Property Ordinance Continued
The BCC at its March 1, 2011 hearing, voted to continue the proposed ordinance regarding distressed properties to allow for revisions to be made to the proposal prior to having a full public hearing on it.


The proposed ordinance is an initiative of the Sheriff's Office to help track and hold responsible parties accountable for foreclosed and vacant properties.  The Sheriff's Office has been receiving an increased amount of calls regarding these types of properties.  Some of the empty properties are being vandalized, which can impact the safety and value of surrounding properties.


The future date of the hearing is to be determined.

Staff Briefings 


Update from Human Services

At the Feb. 22 staff briefings, Jefferson County's Human Services Department briefed the commissioners on some of its upcoming events and projects.


Human Services gave a quick overview of the E3 Summit that it would like to host this summer.  If approved by the Board of County Commissioners, the summit would bring partners from the education community, from economic development, from employment sectors, business leaders and more to align agendas, resources and strategies to help job growth and development in Jefferson County.  It would be funded by federal money.


The final update was on the Jefferson County Head Start (JCHS) program.  Human Services staff briefed the commissioners on an upcoming application that would need its approval.  JCHS is seeking to renew its participation in the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) through the Jeffco School District for the 2011-2012 school year.  CPP is intended to serve children who are at risk for educational failure.


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