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Jan. 25 and Feb. 1, 2011
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Board Appointments

The BCC approved the appointment of Mark Randall to represent Jefferson County Court, First Judicial District on the Jefferson County Corrections Board.  Randall's appointment will replace Judge Charles Hoppin who has retired.


The BCC also approved the appointment of Kathy Hartman as a regular member on the Jefferson Center for Mental Health Board to replace Dave Walcher, who resigned.  The BCC was asked to consider Hartman by the Mental Health Board since she was already very active and experienced with the board. She served previously as the Jefferson County Commissioner representative when she was a county commissioner and also had served on the Mental Health Board as the executive director of Stride, a nonprofit agency.  


Law Enforcement Briefing

Jeffco Sheriff Ted Mink

At the BCC hearing, Sheriff Ted Mink presented to the board the Law Enforcement Authority report. 


Sheriff Mink briefed the board on SMART Jeffco (Strategic Management and Accurate Response Tactics). SMART aims to use available resources from within the Sheriff's Office and other county departments to solve crime and quality-of-life problems in the community. A highlight from the report included meeting with Fun City at Fun City's request. Crime Prevention deputy Gordon Neuenfeldt met with Fun City staff to discuss how it could make a positive contribution to the community through outreach and events.


Sheriff Mink also shared several highlights from patrol, criminal investigation and community service activities. Some of these include:


Squatter refuses to leave his former home. Over several months, deputies had attempted to evict 50-year-old David Lee Rothe from his former home at 5330 South Zinnia Court. The property had been sold to another buyer in June, yet Rothe refused to leave. On November 23, as Civil Unit deputies tried again to evict him, he barricaded himself inside the home. The regional SWAT team responded; after three hours SWAT negotiators were able to convince him to exit the home. A few days later Rothe returned to the property. Neighbors saw him and contacted the Sheriff's Office. Deputies charged him with trespassing, obstruction government operations and resisting arrest.


"No Shoot" map causes confusion and frustration. Confusion about the county's designated "no shoot zone" has been in the forefront this fall. A large (and in some cases aggressive) elk population in Evergreen has prompted some residents to legally shoot some of the animals. Residents angry about this have referenced a 1996 Jeffco BCC resolution and map declaring some county areas "no shoot zones." However, the 1996 resolution has no associated ordinances or fines and cannot be enforced on private or state/federal property.


State law states that shooting a gun on private property requires that the shooter take proper precautions to prevent danger to person or property and to prevent the escape of projectiles. State hunting regulations also permit killing of elk on public land with associated permits and safety precautions. Deputies are sometimes called out and asked to enforce the county's "no shoot zones" but cannot. This can be very frustrating for residents-especially those living in agricultural or rural neighborhoods-who believe that the no shoot map is law.


Jason Dahl memorial vandalized. On October 13 or 14, someone vandalized the memorial honoring United Airlines captain Jason Dahl (killed on 9/11) at the intersection of Tamarade Drive and Valley Parkway. The vandal broke the wings off the bronze eagle featured on the memorial. Capital Dahl was a resident of Ken Caryl Ranch. The Ken Caryl community is offering a $1,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the party responsible for the vandalism.


Christmas Crusade.  About 400 children from Jeffco received holiday gifts from deputies via the KYGO Christmas Crusade for Children. Through the program, deputies nominate children in need and KYGO listeners donate gifts. Deputies then deliver the gifts on or before Christmas.


For more information about the Sheriff's Office, visit www.jeffco.us/sheriff.

BCC Looking for Applicants for Fire District Board

The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (BCC) is seeking applicants for a vacant position on the Elk Creek Fire Protection District (ECFPD) Board of Directors.


The ECFPD Board of Directors is responsible for directing and supervising the Elk Creek Fire Chief who handles day-to-day operations. The board works to prepare and approve the annual budget and evaluates the financial needs of the district. The board also makes decisions regarding issues that may need to be taken to the voters when additional funds or other voter-related issues arise. The ECFPD Board of Directors meets monthly at the Elk Creek Fire Station #1 located at 11993 Blackfoot Road in Conifer. Meetings are generally scheduled for the second Thursday of each month.


Normally the ECFPD appoints its own members to the board of directors, but recently the board has come to an impasse on deciding on the fifth member and has had a vacant spot for sixty days. This was brought to the county's attention. By state statute the BCC may step in and fill the vacancy if the district board members fail to do. The BCC sent a letter to the ECFPD Board of Directors, notifying the board that if the vacancy is not filled in 30 days, then the BCC will move forward with choosing someone from its pool of applicants.


Currently, there are only four members, so the fifth director spot needs to be filled to bring back the odd number of members so that business can move forward instead of potentially stalling with 2-2 votes.


The deadline to apply is March 4, and if you are interested, visit www.jeffco.us/bcc and click on the Boards and Commissions link to download an application.  

Board OKs MOU with Urban Frontier 

The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (BCC) approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Urban Frontier and the county. The MOU will allow the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport to proceed with negotiations for several agreements for the long-term development process of approximately 573 acres of non-aviation and aviation land located on the southwest side of the airport.


Plane landing at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan AirportIn October 2009, the airport advertised a Request for Proposals (RFP) to buy or lease approximately 400 acres on the southwest side of its property. The RFP was broken up in to two phases. The first requested information and qualifications of the bidders themselves, while the second phase requested proposals on the actual project to develop the southwest property.  Urban Frontier was unanimously recommended by the evaluation committee.


In July 2010, the BCC was briefed on the formation of a joint-venture and approved the review by the County Attorney's office and Urban Frontier to complete a due diligence of the draft agreement. Upon completion of the reviews, the airport has now outlined the terms for a series of conventional agreements and structure in a MOU that will outline the general terms for developing the property.


The airport will receive $0.50 per square foot for land that is sold or leased.  In addition to this amount, the airport will also receive 50 percent interest of all net proceeds after reimbursement to Urban Frontier for demonstrable predevelopment expenses and payment for necessary bonding and infrastructure reimbursements. Also based on preliminary figures, over time the airport could have an impact of $38.7 million dollars for land sale revenue and the county could see annual tax benefits of about $19.5 million.  

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