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November 2008
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This week begins the "holidays". Jesus is truly the reason for the season of Christmas and we kickoff with a time of Thanksgiving.

We're so glad you are reading the Home Repairs Ministries (HRM) Email Newsletter! We want to keep you connected as a volunteer, supporter, or sponsor of the ministry.

Our Foundation
Siding in Pass Ctian.

Ephesians says we are one Body. He has made us a structure, a new community, here to bless the rest of the community. We are "Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. Serving together through HRM, we pick up the tools in His name to serve homeowners with house needs.

This month, we reflect upon some things that make us thankful to the Lord.

An Offering of Thanks

We're thankful for:

  • Faithful followers of Christ who are investing themselves through prayer, hands-on project work, and finances to help hurting people.
  • Those praying regularly for HRM and the people we serve.
  • The amazingly sacrificial giving of family, friends, and churches, making one-time gifts or monthly.
  • Ample opportunities to serve people who need home repairs and Jesus who leads the workers.
  • Our Board of Directors who have given prayer, time, and funds, and whose understanding families see them less because they serve HRM.
  • New Board members.
  • Those who are helping to make our April golf fundraiser work.
  • Being part of a ministry with a history of seeking the Lord's will before acting.
  • Success in making connections with those who ID needs and church leaders with a heart to serve.
  • Pastors with Kingdom vision.
  • The support, trust and encouragement of Perimeter Church.
  • Churches with a long-standing history of tool ministry teams who stand ready to serve others.
  • Victory World, Grace Point, CrossBridge, The Vine Community, and Cross Point churches who have given us the privilege to participate as they start their own home repairs teams.
  • The opportunity to work with FLOOD ministries, and see how God is using the next generation in the community.
  • The Richard and Barbara Gaby Foundation's amazing support.
  • Finishing a long and challenging project in Roswell for a Muslim widow, who has now heard and felt the grace of God in Christ Jesus.
  • Answered prayer regarding Neale Hightower's health.
  • Patience from those whose houses have challenged HRM's capacity.
  • Retired volunteers and their use of "retirement" time to serve with HRM so often.
  • The vision for Unite! and the participating churches that are having an impact on Kingdom cooperation and community impact.
  • Those that contact us to say, "Yes!" to requests for volunteers before we call them.
  • The professionals and technicians that have given so much time to help others.
  • The financial challenges that drive us to the Lord.

    End of the Year
    December 31 is Coming
    Tamika Family

    We acknowledge that God has sent wonderful financial blessings in support for HRM. Our montly giving, however, is not sufficient to carry us for the next year. If you feel led to be a part of the financial support, whether on a montly basis or a one-time gift, it will be a blessing multiplied to others. Everything you give will be used for the work of transforming our community, for God's glory.

    God's richest blessing on you and yours as we celebrate the Christmas Season.
    Harvey Anderson

    Home Repairs Ministries, Inc.

    PO Box 922194
    Norcross, GA 30010

    Home Repairs Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry serving the elderly, widowed, disabled homeowners, and others in need by helping with maintenance, safety issues, and repairs. For additional information about the ministry, call, email or write us.

    Thank You for you support!

    Neale Hightower - Harvey Anderson
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