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October 24, 2008

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Compassion In Action
October CIA

The amazing beauty of Compassion in Action weekend is seeing Christians from different walks of life, different backgrounds and different churches working together to serve the community for Jesus. Volunteers from Big Creek, Lawrenceville Church of God, Roswell United Methodist Church, Perimeter Church, East Lanier, Grace Point, The River, Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church, and Cross Pointe Church came together through HRM and made this exceptional day possible.

Thank you to all of our volunteers. Because of your willing hearts and serving hands, Home repairs Ministries was able to touch the lives of hundreds of people. We worked on homes of two widows, framed houses for the Gulf and Alabama, built a handicap ramp and served on multiple projects for ministries in Cumming, Duluth and Sandy Springs. A big thank you to our project leaders for organizing and overseeing the safety of our many volunteers.

Why We Serve

Below is a short encouraging note as to why we serve. Our hope is that you are as encouraged as we were. "Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me" Matthew 25:40.

"I am writing to say how grateful and thankful I am for the [ministry's] help.

Several people called me trying to help get my dryer fixed and I can't find my paper I had written everyone name on. I know one person I spoke with other than you was Harvey Anderson. So I am writing to thank him, you and a special thanks for Mr. Walters who worked relentlessly trip after trip in an effort to make sure he had done all he could do. He went beyond any friend or church I know would have or have done.

Mr. Walters was determine I would have a working dryer. With the price of gas he drove an hour one way three times to fix my dryer and that was not counting the trips he made to appliance stores trying to find the part at a reasonable price. He then even call the organization to get the money to purchase the part because he knew I did not have the money. There are no words to describe how it has made me feel to know that there are people who are still living and following God's directions. I am one of the kind of women the Bible speaks of who the church should be helping, but this is only the second time I have seen it worked.

You never asked me my affiliation, what church I attend, did I attend a church or would I attend your church afterward. You just helped me because I was a human being and needed help. The only criteria I had to meet was being in need and contacting you. That is "Love".

I thank God for you all and I pray that each one of you receive God's blessings a hundredfold for each kind deed you do for all of your families throughout the generations.

Again, Many, Many, Many thanks for your help. This will not be forgotten and I will be there soon to see if I can join you because you are the kind of Christians I want to be. God Bless you"

Play Golf?

Mark your calendars for the Home Repairs Golf Tournament, April 29, 2009 at Olde Atlanta Golf Club in Suwanee!

Nailing Things Down
Upcoming Projects

  • Look for our weekly emails for upcoming projects
  • If you call us, we'll be able to put you to work for the Savior. If you don't call, we may get around to calling you at some point, but you're missing the blessing in the meantime!
  • We have a growing group of people available during the week - some between jobs, retired or just have really flexible schedules. How about you? Again, pick up the phone or email Harvey.

  • Home Repairs Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry serving the elderly, widowed, disabled homeowners, and others in need by helping with maintenance, safety issues, and repairs. For additional information about the ministry, call, email or write us.

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