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July 30, 2008

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Lifting More than just her spirits

The changes at Tamika's house, making it more accessible to her, have been completed. Lawrenceville Church of God and Geoff Sullivan (Sullivan's Contractors 404-386-6953) Dan McKessy, our salesman with Sure Hands ( ), made this possible, together with grants from Home Depot and Georgia's Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund. It isn't easy being Mom to a 5 year old from a wheel chair, but she says this will really make life easier. Tamika says she hasn't enjoyed a good soak in the tub in the seven years since her accident left her paraplegic - just showers. She was nervous as she went airborne, guided by the remote control in her hand, but you can see by her smile, in the picture, that she is going to enjoy this new freedom.

Thanks to Paul Hoffman who organizes the team at Lawrenceville CoG. Incidentally, their pastor, John Colbaugh, passed away 2 nights before the project after a battle with cancer. Pleae pray for Lawrenceville Church of God as they mourn the loss of a beloved pastor, and begin to look for a new one.

Flood Student Missions

Flood Student Community Missions joined HRM for a tornado yard cleanup in early July, filling up a big dumpster with logs and branches. It rained for an hour before the junior and senior high students arrived and after an hour and a half of work, began pouring again. The committed students really worked hard while they could. Adults with chainsaws kept them going back and forth with debris. It was amazing how much was accomplished in a short time. The pizza was good, too, just as the rain began again, in earnest.

Thanks to founder Kimberly Scales and the group from 4 or 5 different schools. Flood's vision is to get students out in the community to serve. It isn't a Christian organization, per se, but the example followed is that of Christ. It would be hard to be around Flood very long without hearing the Gospel laid out pretty clearly. Thanks FLOOD, we look forward to working with you again! (

Appreciation Lunch

Despite busy summer schedules and vacations, there was a nice crowd in the Fellowship Hall at Perimeter Church Sunday, July 20. We are so grateful for all who could be there. We hope that you were blessed with an update of the ministry and enjoyed seeing a small picture of how God is using your hands, prayers and givings.

If you weren't able to attend, we hope that we will get to see you at future events so we can share with you the mighty things that God is doing. Thank you to all for your continued support of the ministry!

Play Golf?

Mark your calendars for the Home Repairs Golf Tournament, April 29, 2009 at Olde Atlanta Golf Club in Suwanee!

Nailing Things Down
Upcoming Projects

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