Center on Wealth and Philanthropy
Wealth and the Commonwealth Newsletter, Volume 25 December 21, 2010

At this time of year, we wish to extend a special thank you to our sponsors,

Silver Bridge
Eaton Vance Investment Counsel

for their generous support of the Center's initiatives.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Center on Wealth and Philanthropy wishes you the blessings of the holiday season.

It is well known that the end-of-year marks a period of accelerated charitable giving--due to tax planning available for some and, potentially for all, due to the spirituality of gratitude and giving that marks these holy days and holidays. This year especially, when so many people we know or know about are struggling, we need to remember that the root meaning of philanthropy is friendship love or mutual nourishment for both giver and receiver. This makes it just as valuable, if not more so, to help those relatives, friends, and associates who have come upon hard times. The IRS won't chart this as philanthropy, but humanity will.

Cordially Yours,

Paul G. Schervish


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