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Wealth and the Commonwealth Newsletter, Volume 24 September 24, 2010


The Family Wealth Impact Project


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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the first session in an upcoming colloquium series presented by the Family Wealth Impact Project at the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy on November 2nd, 2010. This session is most convenient for those friends and supporters currently living in the Boston area, however, if you would like to sponsor a similar event in your area, please let us know. Please read below to learn more about this new colloquium series.

Cordially Yours,

Paul G. Schervish

  • The Family Wealth Impact Project
  • The first session Parenting - The Joys and Dilemmas of Wealth in the colloquium series Wealth in Families covers a range of topics related to family life in high net worth households including parenting, risk and resiliency, and philanthropy. The series combines research findings, professional experience and case studies to facilitate understanding of the impact of wealth on families.

    Parenting - The Joys and Dilemmas of Wealth focuses on the most recent research conducted by the Center and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These findings a propos parental concern and aspirations include motivation in children and young adults, personal and career development and communication across generations.

    Date: November 2, 2010

    Boston College
    2101 Commonwealth Avenue
    Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

    Session one (1:00-3:00) is exclusively for parents and household members to offer the opportunity for confidential discussion.

    Session two (4:00-6:00) is for professional advisors of high net worth households. Participants will develop familiarity with common themes among families and some resources for addressing these issues.

    Discussion Leaders: Robert A. Kenny, Ed.D. and Karen Weisgerber, Ph.D.

    Please RSVP to:

    Seating is Limited.

    For Questions please email:


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