In warmer regions, ventilation and shade cloth are helping keep soil cooler...
Ginger in Bag Container Culture
Feed Your Ginger Now!
Feed Potassium (kmag or sulfate of potash)


If your ginger crop is on schedule with proper care and feeding through this season, it is actively growing rhizomes right now.  Have you missed a feeding?  Have you overwatered at some point? Have you been fertilizing with weak feed (something with a number lower than 3 for K in the NPK count)?  Top dress the crop with kmag or sulphate of potash.  This will give the crop a quick feed of potassium while it is actively putting on more rhizome growth under the ground.  As with any amendment, check with your organic certification organization to be sure that it is approved for use.


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Ginger crop that has been well fed, well watered and in a house with sufficient ventilation to keep soil below 90F
Ginger in middle of Hoop house
Ginger growing in the middle of a hoophouse - note rolled up sides, drip irrigation, open gable ends (and cool fruit trees!)


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