How is your ginger crop growing this season?
Field of Ginger
Field of Ginger at Puna Organics
How Should My Ginger Look Right Now?
Soil Levels Before First Hilling
Note the bright pink color at the base of the shoots
Ginger should have full, vivid green shoots and more coming up from the soil/media. The lucky farmer who has a humid, hot area for growing might have a flower torch or two. The shoots will be about 24-36 inches tall with active rhizome growth under the soil. The base of the shoots should have turned pink and be ready for the first or second hilling and feeding, depending upon when you got your seed at the beginning of the season. Click here to find out details on feeding your ginger crop.


Quick Ginger Know-how:
  • Ginger should be about 2-3 feet tall by this point in the season
  • Most growers will have hilled at least once by now
  • New rhizomes are rapidly growing under the soil surface at this point in the crop cycle
  • If there is severe tip burn on your ginger crop, try placing shade cloth (25-50%) over the crop
  • If tip burn is still present on new foliar growth, try a supplemental feeding
  • Overwatering ginger crop can cause nutrient leaching and root rot, especially in container culture
Dear Ginger Growers,
I promised everyone a newsletter. Finally, here it is! I know how busy farmers are during the growing season so we will keep these brief, informative, and fun.

My family moved from Maine to NC and we are doing well... a bit warmer here than Maine! All is well in Hawaii at Puna Organics.

We want to check on your ginger crop, though. How is it growing? We have some tips here to gauge how you're doing. Keep us informed about how your crop is doing. Pictures of your ginger crop are always welcome.

For those of you who have not ordered ginger this year, this is a great way to read about how the crop is grown, what seed we will have available next season and how to order it. 
Water and Food for My Ginger
Baby Ginger with Roots
Baby Ginger Rhizomes with Adequate Food and Water (tan piece is seed piece)
Ginger crops do not like to be overwatered.  The soil or media should be allowed to dry out about an inch below the soil surface between waterings.  If overwatering is suspected then the crop should be fed more than recommended to compensate for nutrient leaching.  Food should be sidedressed at each hilling.  A well-balanced food should be provided (example: Sustane, 4-6-4).  In container culture, gypsum is also recommended at each feeding so that the nutrients are readily available to the ginger crop.  In soil culture, a soil test should have been performed at the beginning of the season.  This test is important to determine how adequate nutrient uptake will occur through the season.
It is important to let us know if you have any questions/comments regarding your ginger crop.  Sending pictures with an explanation about feeding, watering and where the crop is planted are important.  Remember that you're being supported by myself and the farmer in Hawaii, Puna Organics. They have been growing ginger for almost 20 years!  We want you to be successful growing a ginger crop... so don't hesitate to call or e-mail me with questions/comments about your crop.  We thank you for your business and there will be more updates, testimonials, and cultural tips in subsequent newsletters.  My goal with these is to keep them short and informative and to remind you all to get in touch with us if you need to.  Take care and keep in touch.




Susan Anderson
East Branch Ginger
Be sure to check the website for detailed cultural information and a listing of what seed will be available next season: