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January 14, 2012
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On a More Personal Note...
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Kent Ellsworth

Executive Director


Roger Wyer

Volunteer Coordinator 


Judith Ryan

Executive Assistant

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Contact us 

299 Van Deren

Suite 2

Sedona, AZ 86336


 Phone: 928.204.1238

Fax: 928.203.9503

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Monday - Saturday
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
NOTE: The 50% discount promotion for volunteers has been discontinued.

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learningUpcoming Learning Events


Unless otherwise noted, all learning events take place in the conference room at our office in uptown Sedona,

299 Van Deren, Suite 2. 


Space is limited -

Please RSVP by phone, 928.204.1238, or email.


Click on the event title for more information...


Service Request Desk 101

Wed., January 11th

10:00 AM - Noon


Tue., January 17th

10:00 AM - Noon


Tue., January 24th

10:00 AM - Noon


New Neighbor Interviews 101

Wed., January 25th

10:00 AM - Noon


Guardian Angel Program (GAP) 101

Thu., January 26th

10:00 AM - Noon


 Volunteer Orientation

Wed., January 18th

1:00 PM

Sedona United Methodist Church, 110 Indian Hills Drive (at 179), in the Choir Room


Volunteer Orientation

Thu., January 19th

10:00 AM - Noon

Verde Valley Caregivers

299 Van Deren


We appreciate your keeping track of your time and mileage and submitting the information monthly to the office.


Click here to download or print a copy of the monthly report form.


If you've got any questions, please contact us. Thanks!




Yes, it is a new year. We've spoken with several volunteers who've made a commitment to increase their service this year - we welcome that! Please take a moment to call in and update your availability and confirm the types of service you would like to provide.


Keeping you current in our CARE computer software helps us make the best match for you and our neighbor. And, while you've got us on the phone, why not set up your first couple services?


In planning for the new year, we're more excited than ever about moving forward. We're glad you're along with us for this great adventure!



We've set a target of forty new volunteers in January. Although we're off to a very good start, we need your help. You are our best recruiters. You know what it means to serve with us and you know how to tell the story. And, you hang out with people just like you, who share your values.


We're revising our volunteer intake process to make it easier for you to send volunteer prospects to us and working harder to make sure we take good care of them when they arrive. Here are several ways you can guide your prospect in: 

Please send lots of volunteers who live in Cottonwood! 


It can be a problem to single out individual volunteers for public recognition. Most volunteers don't like being in the limelight. Most of us have very personal reasons for serving; recognition isn't high on the list. No matter how many volunteers receive public recognition, someone is left out and their feelings hurt.


On the other hand, the work you do is very important. It's obvious you make a difference in the lives of people you touch. But it goes deeper. Every service also affects the organization and the community. Often service extends to our neighbor's family. It even impacts local businesses and service providers. Each service, no matter how small it seems, ripples out, changing the world.


That should not go unacknowledged. We all look forward to a world where service to others assumes its rightful place at the center of our culture.


During the coming weeks, we'll be organizing a team to focus on volunteer recognition. Perhaps it'll be hats and pins - could be parties and celebrations. If you'd like to help figure it out, please let us know


Our goal is to make learning a part of everything we do. That includes classes such as the ones listed in the sidebar, updated written material online and in hard copy, and more opportunities for volunteers to interact with and learn from each other.


Learn more  about VVCC's Volunteer U!Toward this end, we're launching Volunteer University. The idea is to honor volunteers by providing better support; to set volunteers up to succeed; to learn and pass along best practices; to open the way to continually improving the ways we serve; and to raise the quality of service.


We're excited about the four classes and revamped orientation offered this month, and we look forward to keeping the back room hopping with lively conversations and learning.


To find out more about Volunteer U. and individual learning opportunities, please click on the sidebar links - we're providing much more information on the website and using these newsletters to help you find them. 


The year aheadAs our neighbors age, their need for support deepens - we've all noticed these changes. Additional requests for service sometimes tax our systems - both pushing the limit of how many service requests we can fill, and challenging our ability to provide the more difficult kinds of service needed or make good referrals.


Over the past two years, plans have gradually been put in place to expand our capacity. The fruit of this hard work is beginning to show up - just in time. Fund-raising efforts are generating more revenue; adjustments to our CARE software program are improving the way we work; the volunteer program is coming to life; collaborative relationships with other organizations are taking shape; our updated website is now online.


Although we anticipate a year of change ahead, we hold tightly to what has worked so well - our mission statement and sticking to it; our reliance on volunteers; and, providing all services free of charge.

Thanks!On a More Personal Note...

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all of our volunteers who supported my father during his last months. You've made this time more rewarding for me and my family. Thank you for your help!
Kent Ellsworth
It's a time of growth and change as we step into saying "yes" to our neighbors. That means working more closely with you to make sure your service is meeting your needs and that you're fully supported as you make a difference each day. We look forward to serving with you!


Kent Ellsworth, Executive Director
Roger Wyer, Volunteer Coordinator

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