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PHR Today Issue: #1June 2011

Dear MedFlash Member


Welcome the first edition of our Newsletter that we will be sending on a regular basis to keep you up to date on all the new and valuable benefits and features of our Personal Health and Wellness Community. Remember MedFlash is much more than a place to store your key personal health information.

On an ongoing basis, we have been adding to the MedFlash platform and we know that many may not be aware of these recent valuable additions to your MedFlash membership. 

See below and take advantage of the many health and wellness services and benefits that are included with your membership.


Medical Team

Do you know all of your MedFlash

I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) Benefits?


 MedFlash offers Four Methods of allowing a first responder, healthcare professional or family member access to your health information that is 100% controlled by you. Remember, as you maintain your profile it is stored on a secure, encrypted Web Portal and only the information you choose will be made available to others in case of an emergency.



1.  A Toll Free Number accessible 24/7/365 by a specialized healthcare call center that will verbally, fax or email any of your I.C.E information once they identified you as a member.  Remember that all MedFlash members have an Emergency ID card with their unique 9-digit code. So please... ALWAYS CARRY YOUR ID CARD


2.  Mobile Access that is compatible with all smart phones (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) so that first responders or family members can easily see your MedFlash Member Emergency Information. Find out more by logging on and visiting your "Member Services" tab. Select MedFlash Mobile.


3.  We offer WORLDWIDE Internet Access for Emergency Member Information at There is a Large Red Emergency Icon that allows a first responder or family members with your MedFlash Member ID access to your emergency Profile.


4.  USB Flash Drive - The optional MedFlash USB drive allows emergency personnel access to your profile without any software or special programs needed.


If you have an Online Only (Portal) membership and would like to add a personalized USB drive, or would like to upgrade your existing flash drive, see our special offers at the end of this newsletter.   


MedFlash on Keychain

As a Valued Member, here are some of the MedFlash benefits that are included with your membership at no additional cost to you:


Unlimited Storage of Documents & Images

Upload x-rays, MRIs, lab results or anything else you wish, with no storage limit. You can even upload sensitive documents for digital safekeeping and lock them so only you have access to them. 



On Line Intuitive Personal and Family History  

Tired of filling out clip boards and being asked the same questions in Doctors offices? Use our online Medical History Interview tool and give your healthcare professional a useful proactive report.



Advance Directive & Living Will

We invite you to complete our comprehensive advance directive / living will form. It's on the "Documents & Images" tab and comes with a detailed tutorial to help you make the right decisions regarding this important feature.  



MedFlash Lifestyle Tools

Don't forget to visit our Lifestyle section and review our exercise, diabetic logs along with our travel tips and calorie calculator.


1-800 Doctors

Find a doctor anywhere in the country though our online partner, 1-800 Doctors. Just type in your zip code and they will contact you and assist you with your search for a qualified health care specialist - All at no charge.



As a MedFlash member we invite you to take advantage of this Free Service that will alert you to weather changes that can affect your health; Migraines, Allergies and Asthma, just to name a few. Alerts are sent by email, text message, or both.


MediGuard - Medication Alerts (Coming Soon)

MediGuard will review all of your medications on a continuous basis and alert you if there are any potential interactions or drug recalls that you should be aware of. 



Remember to sign in on a regular basis

to keep your profile up-to-date and look for new services - we are always adding more health and wellness programs to help empower you to live a healthily life and to become proactive in managing the key elements of your personal health record.


Nurse on Phone
We've partnered with these fine companies to bring you discounted services as a benefit to your MedFlash Membership:


MyMedLab offers an efficient, affordable, and confidential solution to medical laboratory testing. Users are able to browse a wide array of medical laboratory tests, become informed on both the tests and diseases, and are offered the ability to purchase the medical lab test directly on the website.



Discount Prescriptions and more
Tired of paying high prices for prescription medications that your plan formulary excludes? HMI offers numerous prescriptions through our Canadian partnership along with many other wellness services. This benefit is extraordinary - once you try this and calculate the savings - you will be amazed!   



For a nominal cost you can have access to numerous Dental discount plans. Dental offers the highest quality Dental Plans, at the lowest price anywhere.  Use your MedFlash Membership and save $$$ today.



Medical Emergency Air Transport by Private Jet

Planning a trip? You can have peace of mind and be protected knowing that if you are injured or fall ill anywhere in the world that you will be flown home safely with a medical team at your side.



Angie's List - Physician Review

For a nominal cost you can have access to a database of local doctors and research and post comments about how well they care for their patients.



FoneMed Concierge Service

For only $49.95 you can have a Telemedicine RN On-Call 24/7 for one year. This also includes a one hour interview to update or complete your MedFlash Personal Health Profile.



Telemedicine Physician On Call

For a nominal cost you can have access to a Telemedicine Doctor anytime to assist you with your medical needs.



LifeLock Identity Theft Protection 

As a MedFlash member your are eligible for a 30 day Free Trail on this important service. Protecting your identity and personal information is critical in today's world of Cyberspace.



Instant Amber

There is nothing more important in this world than our family. Register your children on Instant and have the peace of mind knowing that you have taken every step available to you to protect and/or find a missing child.


To take advantage of any of these benefits, log in to your MedFlash profile and start saving $$$! 


A message from our CEO

As a valued member of the MedFlash Community, I am reaching out to everyone to consider joining me in being part of the  healthcare solution and change the healthcare paradigm. Our philosophy is simple: By empowering ourselves to manage key elements of our health information and by using wellness tools to live a healthier lifestyle, we will increase our quality of life and decrease the cost of health care.


To your good health,


Ronn Schuman, President & CEO

Connectyx Technologies, Corp.


Call us anytime at (888) 696-3346  

Pexagon Custom USB Drive Upgrade to a personalized MedFlash today! Avaiable in 14 colors, this durable custom USB drive features the MedFlash logo on one side for easy recognition and your own personalization of up to 20 characters on the other side. Also printed on the drive is our 24/7 Emergency Access phone number. $34.95



StickyJ USB Bracelet Upgrade your USB drive to any of these personalized

bracelets by Sticky Jewelry. $30.95 to $42.95


NOTE: If you are upgrading, don't select the MedFlash software option for $19.95. Call MedFlash Support at

(888) 696-3346 when you receive your bracelet and we will transfer your membership and data for you at no charge.


3 Free Months
for You and Your Friends
MedFlash offers you the REFER-A-FRIEND Program.Help someone you know - when they sign up for MedFlash send us your Emergency ID and their Emergency ID and we will extend your membership and their membership for an additional three months. Remember MedFlash can help saves lives!

Remember to Always Carry

your Emergency ID Card