Thank You! YOU are the Reason we LOVE 2012!


Each year, we at the Alliance Group count our blessings as to how fortunate we are to have such wonderfully committed clients. We strive to offer you the best products on the market because you ARE the reason we are here. We would like to give you a HUGE round of applause for being in the Alliance Group family and wish you much happiness, good health and success in 2012!



The Alliance Group has grown dramatically with over four thousand representatives serving 60,000 clients nationally.  To provide information and perspective that we hope will be of interest, we have created an educational newsletter called, "Connections". Because change is not always anticipated, we want to help you achieve financial peace of mind no matter what obstacles life may place in your journey.


Our purpose is to make you aware of the choices available to inspire individuals, families, and businesses seeking the well being that comes from being prepared to survive the financial challenges and emergencies that are often created by serious illness or an unpredictable economy. We offer the peace of mind to live life to its greatest potential. 


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