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Issue #26
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Health issues tend to be top of mind these days.  The flooring industry is very cognizant of this and strives to introduce new products and new concepts to meet consumers' demands.  Next time we'll talk about a new carpet introduction that not only repels stains but eats up odors as well.


Occasionally, we'll make you aware of upcoming sales and finance offers but most important, we will include offers that will only be available to our Email Club Members.

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Why Arcade Floors Carpet One?


Arcade Floors Carpet One is extremely proud of our membership in Carpet One.  We are

different than traditional flooring retailers and the big box stores.  Not only do you deserve quality products at the best prices, but a first class purchase experience as well.  We Imagine the Possibilities and help you through the selection process. Only Carpet One offers Beautiful Guarantee SM logo

If you are not happy with the Carpet One floor you purchase from us, we'll replace it -FREE!  It's that simple.  It's that strong. Period!

What Carpet Fiber is Best for You?


Carpet Fiber2The basic ingredient of carpet is the fiber...the small hair like filaments that make up the yarn.   In years past, the choice of fiber was more critical than it is now. In my opinion, the quality of carpet fibers have so greatly improved, they all perform exceedingly well. There are still the four basic fiber types - nylon, Olefin, Polyester, and Wool, plus a new one called Triexta.



Since the 1960's, nylon has been the most commonly usedCarpet Fiber1 carpet fiber. It is extremely durable and resilient (ability to bounce back from being crushed). It has great flexibility so that it can be used in a wide variety of styles. Many, if not most, of today's nylons are softer to the touch. While not inherently stain resistant, nylon can be treated with stain resistant chemical to repel most household stains.


Olefin (also called Polypropylene)

Olefin is absolutely the most stain resistant fiber. The fiber is solution dyed meaning that the color goes all the way through. We frequently make the comparison of a carrot to a radish. Its major disadvantage is its lack of resiliency so it does not perform well in cut pile carpet. It performs excellently in berbers and loop carpet styles. The loops in these styles tend to work like a spring to bounce back from foot traffic.



Polyester offers exceptional softness and color clarity. It is naturally stain and fade resistant. When first introduced in the 70's, it was poorly produced and carried that stigma for years. Today polyesters are more popular than ever...providing excellent performance, natural stain resistance, softness, and outstanding colors. And it does all this a price a little less than nylon.



Wool is a natural fiber and has been in use as a carpet fiber longer than any other fibers.  It does not have the stain and abrasion resistance of most of the man-made fibers.  More expensive than most man-made fibers, its big advantages are prestige and it "ages gracefully".   



Triexta is the newest fiber available.  It is a corn based fiber.  Besides being really "green", Triexta seems to be blending the benefits of both nylon and polyester.  While it is exceptionally durable, it is also highly stain resistant at the same time.  Demonstrations of its ease of cleaning are exciting consumers and sales consultants alike.


                Manufacturers have added their own features to these fibers to make them more appealing to consumers because the additional benefits.  As part of the largest flooring retailer in the world, Carpet One has four such fibers.


Evertex BCF Triexta®

Evertex is the exclusive fiber of Carpet One's premium carpet line, Relax, It's Lees.  It features 25-Year Wear and 25-Year Texture Retention warranties.  That is the best texture retention warranty in the industry.  Ultra 25 is Evertex's 25- Year No Exclusions Stain Protection warranty.


Tigressa SoftStyle®

Tigressa SoftStyle carpet is made using BCF Tigressa Nylon. By making the fibers smaller, more fibers can be packed together making Tigressa carpets are stonger, yet softer. No other manufacturer's fiber has grown in acceptance as Tigressa. Visit o r click here to learn more about Tigressa.


Resista SoftStyle®

Resista SoftStyle is BCF Resista Polyester. Introduced about five years ago, Resista SoftStyle features a 10-Year Stain guaranteed to repel all food and beverage stains.   Stainmaster list of excluded stains is longer than the one of included stains. Resista covers them all.


Resista Refresh®

The newest in Carpet One's family of fibers, Resista Refresh is also BCF Resista Polyester. Like Resista SoftStyle, Resista Refresh has the 10-Year Food and Beverage warranty. What makes it different is the addition of Silver Shield™ and Acti Fresh™. Silver Shield inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria.   Acti Fresh works to naturally eliminate common household odors. It behaves like baking soda and neutralizes odors upon contact.


                *BCF stands for Bulk Continuous Filament




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Only relax, it's Lees has Ultra 25, the 25-Year No Exclusions Stain Warranty which covers stains other carpet warranties do not: pet stains, grease, coffee, cola and more.  Click here to see more!



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  • 20 - Year Wear Warranty
  • 20 - Year Tear Fade, Stain, or Discolor Warranty
  • 20 - Year Rip, Tear, or Gouge Warranty
  • 90 - Day Beautiful Guarantee  

 12 Months No Interest Financing



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If you don't love your new Carpet One floor, Arcade Floors Carpet One will replace it-FREE!   Including Installation!  That's the Beautiful Guarantee.


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