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Happy Fourth of July! 

A few thoughts on Independence and inalienable rights.   


07-04-2012 15:50:51 PM

I've been reading HW Brands' biography of Benjamin Franklin, The First American. As Brands points out, up to 1774, Benjamin Franklin had been a loyal subject of the Crown and had worked (as a political agent for several of the colonies) to smooth over transatlantic disagreements. But in January 1774 Franklin was hauled before Britain's [...]...

07-04-2012 15:49:33 PM

The Declaration of Independence announced the birth of a new nation, but its lasting significance lies in the fact that it articulated a governing philosophy that was to guide that nation - at least for a century and a half. Alas, recent decades and recent (ahem) Supreme Court decisions have not kind to "life, liberty [...]...

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I cover legal issues for Ricochet, and I also host the Legal Lad podcast.  I've written for the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and National Review, among others.  My book, The Naked Constitution is an unapologetic defense of "originalism" as the only way to restore the Founders' vision of limited government.  Commentator Mark Levin calls it a "compelling response" to the "Living Constitution" theory espoused by America's liberal elites. 
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