Volume: 1 - Issue:  30010 September 2012
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Iran Update



We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI).  You can see ISDCI's latest events on our website at: International Conferences 

UN atomic watchdog chief 'frustrated' by Iran

The head of the UN atomic agency hit out Monday at Iran's refusal to address allegations of nuclear weapons research and called on Tehran to allow access to a suspect military site "without further delay". Read On... 

Iraq's fugitive vice-president denounces his death sentence
The Guardian

Iraq's fugitive vice-president Tariq al-Hashemi says the death sentence given against him in his home country is politically motivated. Read On... 

Iran central bank under fire as rial hits new lows

Iran's central bank has for weeks failed to provide U.S. dollars to traders to import essential goods, driving down the value of the country's currency against the dollar, a senior Iranian lawmaker said on Monday.  Read On... 

Canada is 'extremist government': Iran

Iran on Monday said Canada had a "neo-conservative extremist government" as it kept up a furious response to Ottawa's decision last week to cut diplomatic ties. Read On... 

Iran finds ways around sanctions targeting oil sales
Los Angeles Times

Iran barters and insures its own tankers in pricey, sometimes risky deals to work around U.S. sanctions meant to curb its nuclear program. But for how long? Read On... 

McCain: Iran situation a 'train wreck'
Fox News

GOP Sen. John McCain says he is disappointed with his party's presidential candidate for sidestepping world affairs in his campaign for the White House but reserves his most scathing words for the current dweller, blaming Barack Obama for inaction while the situation in Syria and elsewhere "cries out for American leadership." Read On... 

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