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Iran Update



The greater family of the Iranian Resistance lost a great friend last week.  The Lord Robin Corbett of Castle Vale passed away Sunday morning, 19 February.

Peaceful? Nuclear Activities

During the past three decades, despite heavy responsibilities at the House of Lords, he was always an active supporter of the Iranian Resistance and a defender of Camp Ashraf.  He was the founder of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom that enjoys majority support of members of the House of Commons and over 200 members of House of Lords.

Lord Corbett led an unprecedented political and legal battle that successfully resulted in the delisting of the MEK in Britain and consequently in the European Union.

He will be remembered and loved as a true warrior for the cause of freedom and justice in the history of the world and in particular the Iranian people. 

But for now, we will all miss him.

ISDCI sends its condolences to the family, colleagues, President-elect Rajavi and the greater family of the Iranian Resistance.


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Camp Liberty: A Prison for 1000 Female Iranian Dissidents
The Women's International Perspective

It's been five months since the 3400 Iranian dissidents of camp Ashraf, in Iraq, submitted their requests to UNHCR. But UNHCR has not yet begun its work to reconfirm the status of the residents of this camp as asylum seekers. Bowing to Iranian pressure and looking to pave the way for the slaughter of the residents, the Iraqi government has conditioned the start of this process to their relocation to a prison in Baghdad, ironically named as 'Camp Liberty'.  Read On... 

Iran blocks UN Agency's attempts to probe Nuclear Site
The Washington Post

The U.N. nuclear agency acknowledged renewed failure Wednesday after a trip to probe suspicions of covert Iranian nuclear weapons work, in a statement issued just hours after an Iranian general warned of a pre-emptive strike against any foe threatening the country. Read On... 

Secret Document Reveals

Based on a document obtained from IRGC: Transfer of Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty is aimed at annihilation of mullahs' legitimate opposition. Read On... 

Former US Officials Pressure State Department to Protect Iran Dissidents
Top Secret Writers

Lass week, the Global Initiative for Democracy (GID) issued a press release announcing that a bipartisan group of former U.S. leaders are calling for the U.S. State Department to remove the Iran dissident group known as the "MEK" from the U.S. list of terrorist organizations. Read On... 

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