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At the request of Mrs. Rajavi, 400 Ashraf residents are moving to Camp Liberty as a sign of goodwill.  Contrary to what has been portrayed, no minimum assurances have been given and no one has ever certified the new camp meeting human rights standards such as freedome of movement. 

A UN shelter technician has examined the camp and its infrastructure from a technical stand point confirming that there are, for example, enough water faucets. 
That is in a camp that has no running water and the residents after arriving there should get the water through supplieres. It also has no drinking water.

But the number of water faucets has nothing to do with humanitarian standards.  The residents are told in advance by Iraqi government that they will have no "freedom of movement" - a necessity for a camp of refugees to meet international humanitarian standards.  Moreover, the residents have no right to visit journalists, lawyers, family members... 

Nevertheless residents are keeping their word and 400 are moving today.  It is now up to UN, United States and EU to press the government of Iraq to recognize the humanitarian rights of the residents to be protected and secure.  

The presence of police stations inside the camp makes many residents hesitate moving as they know any Iraqi presence inside the camp can be dangerous and the cause of friction, clashes and possible future massacre of more residents. 

However, the residents are demanding that unless Iraqi police will leave the camp and recognize their right to privacy, after the 400, no one else would  move to Camp Liberty. 


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400 Ashraf Residents Go to Liberty absent Necessary Assurances
Stop Fundamentalism

Following months of discussions and threats by government of Iraq and pressures by UN Special Representative Martin Kobler, 400 residents of Camp Ashraf have agreed to leave their home for 25 years, today to go to Camp Liberty were they are expected to be interviewed by the United Nations Refugee agency, UNHCR, for resettlement in third countries (countries except Iran and Iraq).Read On... 

Iranian exiles begin move to new home in Iraq
The Washington Times

Four hundred Iranian dissidents on Friday started relocating from Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad, to a temporary home near the Iraqi capital's international airport that they have compared to a concentration camp. Read On... 

Inquiry Widens on Suspected Iranian Plot on Israel
The New York Times

The criminal inquiry into a suspected Iranian plot targeting Israelis overseas with magnetized bombs expanded on Thursday, with the police in Thailand seeking a fifth suspect. Read On... 

General Assembly Votes to Condemn Syrian Leader
The New York Times

In a powerful rebuke to Syria's government, the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to approve a resolution that condemned President Bashar al-Assad's unbridled crackdown on an 11-month-old uprising and called for his resignation under an Arab League peace proposal to resolve the conflict. Read On... 

U.N.'s Ban Ki-moon to defiant Iran: prove atom work peaceful

The United Nations chief urged Iran on Friday to implement Security Council resolutions under which Tehran should curb sensitive nuclear activity, but the Islamic state once again signalled it has no intention of doing so.  Read On... 

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