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Iran Update



On Saturday, February 11, coinciding with the 33rd anniversary of the anti-Monarchy Revolution in Iran, in a great gathering in Paris, thousands of Iranians, while being supported by a number of prominent European and American dignitaries, reminded that a major development is on the way in Iran and a democratic change, as a solution to avoid an unprecedented regional and international crisis, is at hand.


Speakers to this meeting, presided over by the President of the Norwegian committee of Friends of a Free Iran Lars Rise, included: Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance; Philippe Douste-Blazy, the UN  Deputy Secretary-General and former French Foreign Minister; Bill Richardson, former Ambassador to the United Nations and Governor of New Mexico (2003-2011); Andrew Card, White House Chief of Staff (2001-2006); Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pensilvania and former leader of the U.S. Democratic Party; Spencer Abraham, former U.S. Energy Secretary under Bush Administration; Ambassador Phillip Crawley, the U.S. State Department spokesman (2009-2011); Robert Josef, US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security; John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland and former Ambassador of European Union to the U.S.; General David Phillips, Commander of U.S. Military Police (2008-2011) and the commander in charge of Ashraf residents' safety and security; John Sano, former National Clandestine Service's Deputy President and member of directorate of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency; emille Blessig and Jean-Pierre Brard, members of French National Assembly;  Jean-François Le Garrett, mayor of  Paris 1st District; Aude De Thuin, Founder and president of Women's Economical and Social Forum;  André Glucksmann, a member of New France Philosophers; Nontombi Tutu, human rights activist and daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


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Anti Government Rallies and Demonstrations, Sporadic Confrontations in Various Parts of Tehran

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Rudi Giuliani Interviews
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Thai Police Arrested Iranians After Bomb Blasts

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Iran cuts oil exports to Europe, declares nuclear advances
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Iran faces banking harsh action from U.S., allies
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Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK) deny nuclear scientist assassination as sheer lie

The claim that the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK) had any role in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists and the claim of the PMOI/MEK cooperation with Mossad is a sheer lie without even a scintilla of truth. Read On... 

Democratic Change by Iranians, the Only Realistic Solution to Iran Crisis
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Ashraf, the litmus test for our democratic values

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